This Stylish Watch Is Created From Recycled Coffee Grounds, And Smells Like Coffee Too!

Mar 03, 2023by Olivia Harper - F&F

Your next watch could be made of and smell like coffee, but how? Continue reading to learn more about this eco watch and how it recycles food waste!

Coffee Watch WomanCoffee Watch Woman

Image: Lilienthal Berlin

The Coffee Watch Looks Sleek, Reduces Food Waste & Has The Beautiful Aroma Of Coffee When Worn!

This new eco watch made from recycled coffee grounds not only looks sleek, and reduces food waste, but apparently the watch is so full of recycled coffee grounds that it has the beautiful aroma of coffee when you wear it — coffee lovers we’re sure you will love this!

Lilienthal Berlin, a Berlin based watch brand, has just innovated this new watch and case. They collaborated with Kaffeform on the design, using the coffee-based material created by them to bring the watch to life.

The Coffee Watch will soon be available in Lilienthal Berlin’s online store, and the design has already won multiple awards such as the iF Design Award, the Green Product Award, the German Design Award and the Green Good Design Award!

Coffee Watch ManCoffee Watch Man

Image: Lilienthal Berlin

20 Million Tonnes Of Coffee Grounds Are Wasted And Collected Every Year In Germany!

Jacques Colman, one of the three founders of Lilienthal Berlin, first held a Kaffeform coffee mug three years ago and was intrigued by the material. “The Kaffeeform material felt robust and solid, so I thought, why not make a watch case out of it?”

More than 20 million tonnes of coffee grounds are wasted and collected every year in Germany. This also inspired Lilienthal Berlin to come up with the Coffee Watch, in an attempt to reduce food waste. Kaffeform uses the waste coffee grounds collected from cafes all over Berlin! The grounds are then dried, processed, and upcycled into an “eco-friendly and traceable” material.

Together, Lilienthal Berlin and Kaffeform have produced this one-of-a-kind creation for a sustainable watch line.

Coffee Watch Close UpCoffee Watch Close Up

Image: Lilienthal Berlin

The Coffee Watch Is Just As Aesthetically Pleasing As It Is Functional & Sustainable

For all the fashionistas out there, you’ll be pleased to know that the watch also comes in a variety of colours, and their names are pretty cool too – Americano, Expresso, Latte, and Macchiato, a collection of brown tones ranging from dark to light.

The Coffee Watch is also made from straps of organic leather, vegan leather or mesh, with a black or silver dial, featuring printed or engraved hour markers in a minimalist or classic design.

The intention of this watch is to mark a new sustainability standard for the watch industry. “There is a major trend towards more sustainability in many areas. In our industry, unfortunately, the clocks sometimes still run a bit slow. It is our express aim to change that,” says Colman.

We love that Lilienthal Berlin is strengthing the presence of sustainability in the watch industry through their newest eco design. It is also such a prime example of great upcycling!

What do you think about The Coffee Watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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