The Madara Smart Antioxidant Range

May 11, 2018by F&F

For those unfamiliar with the brand, MÁDARA is an organic skincare company created and developed by four environmentally passionate women in Latvia. The powerful skin-compatible ingredients are diligently sourced from the nutrient-dense forests that surround them and contribute significantly to their impressive range of skincare. The brand’s ethos is to encourage the skin to restore its natural balance through the use of botanicals - all products are certified natural and organic and are in accordance with the strict international Ecocert standards. The range is gluten-free and predominantly vegan (we only range these products).

What are free radicals and how does the SMART range combat this?

Heralded as the number 1 contributor to premature aging, free radicals are highly reactive oxygen molecules that are generated by pollution, chemicals, and radiation, among others. No matter our environment, we are exposed to skin damaging free radicals almost daily leading to early signs of ageing. Enter antioxidants - a brilliant defence mechanism that fights against free radical damage, preventing the harm of healthy skin structures. Many plants are naturally rich in powerful antioxidants which is why MÁDARA has harnessed and embraced plant extracts in their skincare, promoting skin resilience and of course that natural glow.

The age-defying SMART ANTIOXIDANT complex by Madara reduces and reverses up to 90% of free radical damage. This supercharged formula is the result of a combination of combining incredible plant properties including; Alchemilla - rich antioxidant concentration; Lichen - soothes, softens and revitalises the skin; Fern - a powerful fighter against collagen degradation and Moss - renowned for its ability to capture and retain hydration.

The brand’s passion for proving that nature gives us all that we need is clearly evident within these new additions. The products are detailed below and available online now:

MÁDARA SMART Antioxidant Fine Line Minimising Day Fluid 50ml - An intense hydrating fluid that is lightweight and melts easily into the skin making it perfect for normal to combination skin types.

MÁDARA SMART Antioxidant Fine Line Minimising Day Cream 50ml - A beautiful rich cream that targets and nourishes the deeper layers of skin, providing comfort and protection throughout the day. A great addition for the upcoming winter months or for those with dry to very dry skin who just need that added layer of hydration.

MÁDARA SMART Anti-Pollution Charcoal & Mud Mask 60ml - A true dexotifier and anti-aging powerhouse, this mask offers a double action treatment that both purifies and promotes skin cell renewal. It can be applied for as little as 5 minutes when in need of a little skin recharge.

MÁDARA SMART - Anti-fatigue Eye Rescue Cream 15ml - A brightening, hydrating and firming eye cream with a unique multi-layered texture targeting fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness - smoothing away signs of fatigue while providing long-lasting hydration.

The effectiveness of Madara products has been dermatologically tested.

Incorporate the SMART skincare range with a diet rich in antioxidants (e.g. found in almost all berries and winter superfoods such as broccoli and carrots) to supercharge your antioxidant defence system both internally and externally!

You can shop the Madara range at Flora & Fauna. 

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