The Healing Powers Of Plant-Based Skincare

Jan 28, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Oily, dry or combination skin? Let nature heal you, with 100% botanical skincare. The hero ingredient — premium Australian grown, unfiltered hemp seed extracts.

Cannabella Vegan Hemp JellyCannabella Vegan Hemp Jelly

The Inspiration Behind Cannabella

Cannabella is an Australian made and owned, natural skincare company, founded by three brothers from the Gold Coast. The inspiration? Their mum. 

After witnessing the awful side effects of their mum's chemotherapy (parched and painful skin), the brothers tried numerous skincare products, but found no luck in alleviating the problem! So Matt decided to do some research in natural skincare alternatives and started exploring the magical healing properties of hemp. Matt put his research into action and the next thing you know...dramatic results! Their mum's skin miraculously improved and healed.

Now, Cannabella is on a mission to reconnect people with the healing powers of nature through their products. 

Cannabella Natural SkincareCannabella Natural Skincare

Homemade Hemp Skincare

Cannabella natural skincare is made with natural unfiltered hemp oil to leverage the benefits of this antioxidant-rich oil. Unfiltered hemp oil is chosen in favour of processed hemp oil because of its high chlorophyll and omega vitamin content, which naturally helps to heal the skin without clogging pores.

Cannabella's plant-based products are made from premium botanical ingredients, each carefully chosen for its rich nutrient profile and array of healing properties. No chemicals, no cruelty to animals — just pure plant-powered results which speak for themselves.

The three brothers, are super proud to bring you a skincare company which actually cares for your skin, your health and the planet. 

Cannabella Skincare ProductsCannabella Skincare Products

Canabella Products

If you have acne prone skin, suffer from redness, dryness, irritation or dullness, the Cannabella range has a product designed to nourish, soothe and renew your complexion.

One of our best sellers at F&F is the Hemp Jelly. This multipurposed skin treatment, is formulated with unfiltered hemp extracts to help soothe and repair dry and damged skin. The Clarify Serum, is great if you're after a clear and healthy complexion, whilst the Renewal Serum helps prevent breakouts, reduces scarring, inflammation, blotchiness and dryness without clogging your pores!

For your after-sun skincare, try the La Tropical Body Oil. The Complex CoQ10 Serum, helps combat signs of ageing, and for some TLC, you'll love the Green Detox Mask.

Cannabella believes nature has created everything for a reason, which is why they only use 100% botanical, sustainable, cruelty free ingredients. We look forward to seeing how the healing powers of plant based skincare, helps your skin. You can shop their Skincare range here.

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