The Benefits Of Vitamin C

May 27, 2022by Gabby - F&F

When we think about vitamin C, there's a good chance your mind will run straight to oranges — ours certainly do. Whilst this is a great source, vitamin C can be found in many other different forms, which work to increase our intake of this very important nutrient. 

In this blog, we will talk about what vitamin C actually is and why we need it, along with the benefits of Vitamin C Supplements, Vitamin C in our Skincare and the role it plays in our diet too.

Oranges FruitOranges Fruit

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What Is Vitamin C & Why Do We Need It?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a nutrient necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. Your body needs vitamin C to form blood vessels, collagen, muscles, cartilage, for iron absorption, to help your immune system function properly and to help heal wounds. 

Have you ever found a bruise on your body and didn't know where it came from? We have! Bruising easily is a common symptom of vitamic C deficiency. As mentioned, vitamin C helps make collagen — an important protein that keeps your blood vessels healthy. Other signs of vitamin C deficiency include: tiredness, weak and irritable, dry hair, dry skin and anemia. 

If your low in vitamin C, there are a few ways to give your body what it needs to function healthily. Keep reading!

Vitus Vegan Vitamin C PowderVitus Vegan Vitamin C Powder

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The Benefits Of Vitamin C Supplements

Supplements are a great way to ensure you are receiving the right amount of nutrients your body needs, to get back that energy and ceize the day! 

Vitus Wholefoods Vegan Vitamin C Powder, is a delicious, wholefood vegan formula combining three of the world’s richest sources of vitamin C — acerola berry, camu camu and kakadu plum. In fact, just one dose of this powder is equivalent to 6-8 oranges! How cool! Simpy stir 1 tsp of powder into liquid and drink up that goodness. Vitus Wholefoods Iron + C Powder, is also a great option to increase your iron levels as vitamin C helps optimise the absorption of iron in the body.

If you like the taste of passionfruit, you have to try Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Vitamin C — great for the immune and digestive systems, whilst supporting collagen production. 

100% Pure Vitamin C Boost100% Pure Vitamin C Boost

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The Benefits Of Vitamin C For Your Skin 

Did you know that vitamin C has amazing brightening and lightening abilities for the skin? Not only that, the boost of collagen we receive from vitamin C helps with the skin's natural regenerative process. As such, vitamin C helps even out your complexion, helps with pigmentation, sunspots and those annoying marks left after a pimple. 

The Vitamin C Serum and Boost from 100% Pure, work to brighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Acure's Brightening Serum with Vitamin C is also a lovely lightweight and nourishing option for brightening the skin's appearance. For dull and dry skin, we recommend the Madara Vitamin C Illuminating Recovery Cream. Formulated with a stabilised form of vitamin C for a more even complexion. We also love Antipodes Glow Vitamin C Serum. It's a super gentle cleanse that boosts your skins moisture levels. 

Vitamin C DietVitamin C Diet

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The Benefits of A Vitamin C Inclusive Diet

A nutrient-rich and wholesome diet, is a great way to help with your vitamin C levels. Adults need 65-90mg of vitamin C a day. For reference, one medium orange is 70mg. 

Try keep a bowl of vitamin C rich fruit in your home for snacking. Apart from the beloved orange, some other fruits containing high sources of vitamin C include: cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, mango, papaya, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and watermelon. Vitamin C rich veggies include things like: broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, etc! 

A great tip for your fruit and veggies, is to actually eat them raw where possible. When you cook them you risk the chance of stripping the food of some of it's vital nutrients. 

Vitamin C is a very important nutrient for your body and we're so excited we can help provide you with products and tips to help maintain a healthy amount!

You can shop all of our products containing vitamin C here! For more information on vitamins and the relationship between immunity and your skin, we recommend reading the blogs below:

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