Fight Breakouts With, Botani Rescue Acne Trio Pack

May 27, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Acne is a common skin problem for millions of Australians. Causes of acne can be genetic, due to lifestyle factors such as diet, but also due to stress, hormonal changes and one of the worst offenders, beauty products that contain nasties! 

Botani's solution is simple. They use 100% plant based and vegan ingredients that contain no harsh ingredients. Plus, they actually work off the fact that less is more, when it comes to treating acne. 

That's why we recommend using Botani's 3 Step Rescue Acne Solution. Lets dive a little deeper to see how each product can help your skin!

Botani Rescue Acne Foaming Cleanser, For Oily & Combination SkinBotani Rescue Acne Foaming Cleanser, For Oily & Combination Skin

Rescue Acne Foaming Cleanser

Step 1: Cleanse, Purify & Balance. 

Nurture and protect your skin's moisture barrier while gently cleansing away impurities with Botani's Silky Foaming Cleanser. This formula helps dissolve makeup residue, it gently stimulates natural exfoliation without drying the skin and has antibacterial properties that helps regulate sebum production. To use:

  1. Dispense 2-3 pumps into your palm and gently massage onto your damp face and neck area in circular motions for at least two minutes.
  2. Make sure not to scrub as it can push impurities back into your pores and make the acne worse.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  4. Gently pat dry with a clean towel and avoid rubbing. 
Botani Rescue Pore Refiner EssenceBotani Rescue Pore Refiner Essence

Rescue Acne Pore Refiner Essence

Step 2: Refine, Exfoliate & Mattify

After cleansing, return balance to your skin with Rescue Pore Refiner Essence. Apply by either:

  1. Spraying 4-5 pumps onto a cotton pad and with a dabbing motion gently apply to the face & neck area.
  2. Spraying directly onto your face or your palms and then with a gentle press release motion apply to the face & neck area, as you would apply a serum.

This treatment, helps mattify the skin elixirs. It has the properties of a toner with the benefits of a lightweight serum. It also hydrates and soothes the skin, gently exfoliates and brightens, without drying the skin. You'll also be happy to know that redness and blotchiness will minimise. 

Botani Rescue Acne CreamBotani Rescue Acne Cream

Rescue Acne Cream

Step 3: Treat & Heal

Botani's Rescue Acne Cream gently dries and heals pimples in acne and blemish prone skin. Using a clean cotton bud, apply to affected area twice daily (morning and night) after cleansing. Think of it as a spot treatment. Plus, it has a 99.99% kill factor in just 30 minutes. Check out the benefits:

  • Offers soothing relief of red irritated lesions without aggravating the surrounding healthy tissue. 
  • Gentle absorption of excess oil and impurities
  • Non-abrasive and non-drying on skin
  • Reduces inflammation and redness
  • Can be used after shaving to relieve minor skin irritations, inflammation and dryness associated with shaving.

Fight your breakouts with Botani's natural, plant-based trio of skincare essentials that work to gently cleanse, mattify and calm redness and inflammation. The Cleanser, Toner & Spot Treatment work together to reveal healthy, clear skin!

Remember to take care of what goes into your body just as much as what you put on it, to really aid in the healing process! 

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