Sustainable Living Tips: Small Changes, Big Impact

Sep 28, 2023by Your F&F Team

Looking for new and unique sustainable practices to add to your life? We’ve got you covered. The good news is, you don't have to completely overhaul your life to make a positive impact.

Small changes, such as eco swaps, can lead to significant reductions in your carbon footprint. We’re sharing four sustainable living tips and tricks, to help you on your eco-friendly journey. Read on!

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Art For Trash

You know the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well this is truly the case and something we should all be looking at more closely when it comes to getting rid of our ‘rubbish.’

Here at F&F we love seeing people transform old and discarded items into captivating art pieces or sculptures. We’ve seen it from Junk Fest – the town that turns trash into treasure. In Oregon’s Washed Ashore Project – making art to save the sea. And Aussie Artists Transforming Ocean Plastic Into Art to name a few. So why not try unlocking your inner artist, embrace your creativity and see what you can repurpose. Broke a teapot? Use it as a planter for your garden. If you have kids, try collecting things like toilet paper rolls, bottles and lids for some arts and crafts fun - and watch their imagination shine.

T-shirt Tote Bags

Wanting to throw out a t-shirt you don’t wear anymore, or what about one that no longer fits but you don’t have the heart to throw away? Transform it into a reusable tote bag! Test your sewing skills, cut off the sleeves and neck, reinforce the bottom, and add handles for a quick and eco-friendly bag. Not only will you be rocking a new fashion trend, but you are demonstrating the power of repurposing materials at its finest!

Eco-Friendly Ice Packs

An Ice Pack is an essential in everyone’s home. Aside from it being used to reduce swelling to any injuries, it’s a great resource to use to help cool down on a hot day. We’re approaching summer pretty quickly here in Australia, so here’s our second eco tip!

Instead of reaching for single-use gel packs, try grabbing a reusable bag and fill it with frozen peas or corn to create your own reusable ice pack. Not only will this help you minimise your reliance on single-use plastics and disposables, but it will also save you money.

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Tyre Swing

All the rage back in the day was a tyre swing – so why not bring the hype back. Next time you get a flat tyre or need to replace your tyres, don’t throw them away! Instead, transform it into a classic tyre swing for outdoor fun. Clean and paint the tyre, then attach sturdy ropes for hanging – your kids will love you for it. Bonus!



What sustainable tip will you be trying? Every eco conscious choice you make, is a step closer to creating a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. Share your eco hack in the comments, you never know who you might inspire.

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