Sheltersuits For The Homeless

Mar 29, 2021by Olivia - F&F

Everyone deserves protection, warmth and dignity. This belief is the driving force behind Sheltersuit; a non-profit organisation that provides immediate shelter to the homeless while using upcycled materials and providing jobs. 

Sheltersuit is an absolute force for good! They currently operate in the Netherlands, New York and South Africa — working to provide warmth and protection for the homeless through the Sheltersuits and Shelterbags. They also work to lift vulnerable people (i.e. former refugees and homeless people) out of poverty through their manufacturing process. 

We think this organisation is worth celebrating! Let’s take a look at the Sheltersuit story and how you can get involved to protect the homeless. 

The Sheltersuit StoryThe Sheltersuit Story

The Sheltersuit Story

It’s really a story about people helping people, in whatever way they can. After losing the father of a friend to hypothermia, due to being forced to sleep outside of a shelter, Bas Timmer decided to do something about it. 

Earlier, Bas had started an expensive outdoor fashion line after attending a fashion academy — but he couldn’t follow through with it. It didn’t feel right for him to sell fashionable clothing at a high price, knowing that just outside his door there were so many people who couldn’t even afford warm and protective clothing to simply survive.

Sleeping Outside Is A Daily Reality For 150 Million PeopleSleeping Outside Is A Daily Reality For 150 Million People

Sleeping Outside Is A Daily Reality For 150 Million People

Enduring countless cold nights with little protection, or even freezing to death, is absolutely unthinkable. But for 150 million people worldwide, it’s a daily reality. People find themselves to be homeless for so many reasons: poverty, mental illness, the unexpected loss of a job, natural disasters, wars and pandemics.

It’s important to mention that everybody deserves proper, permanent shelter and a place to call home. The Sheltersuits and Shelterbags are not designed as a long-term solution to homelessness. They do, however, provide immediate warmth and protection for people who find themselves on the streets. Getting back on your feet and seeking help is easier when you have warmth, protection, and a decent night’s sleep. 

What are Sheltersuits & Shelterbags?What are Sheltersuits & Shelterbags?

Sheltersuits & Shelterbags

Did you know that if you are caught out in the elements unexpectedly (without proper clothing and shelter) hypothermia can set in within minutes to hours?

That’s why the Sheltersuit is waterproof and windproof, with an optional sleeping bag attachment to provide immediate shelter.  

The Sheltersuit was designed to protect those living in cold climates, with the entirety of the jacket being made from upcycled materials! It features a large hood, an integrated scarf and lots of pockets. 

The Shelterbag is a portable, sheltered bed that rolls up into a bag. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and comes with a built-in pillow and a flexible tent pole — which provides more internal space and better protection from the rain. 

How can you help The Sheltersuit Foundation?How can you help The Sheltersuit Foundation?

Here’s How You Can Help!

Sheltersuits save lives and provide shelter for the most vulnerable. We definitely think that’s worth supporting! Donating to Sheltersuit will aid in the production and distribution of Sheltersuits and Shelterbags, create more jobs for vulnerable people, and boost the campaign to raise awareness for homelessness. You can donate once or monthly here! 

Another interesting way to get involved is to do a #SheltersuitSleepout. This is a way to empathise deeply with homeless people by actually sleeping outside. The goal of participating is to create awareness about homelessness within your network and raise money to take action.   


We love the work that Sheltersuit is doing to protect the world’s most vulnerable people. With your help, Sheltersuit can expand its reach — and the life-saving products will be made available to more people worldwide!

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