Self-Love Is Not Selfish!

Jul 29, 2022by F&F

While loving yourself is often seen as a selfish thing, it is the opposite. Finding appreciation and value in yourself is one of the most vital parts of living a healthy, positive lifestyle.

When you are happy with yourself, this happiness radiates to those around you. So even when you are practicing the art of self-love, you’re still giving to others too! 

We chatted to Womanizer to find out why self-love is so important, read along!

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How Do You Integrate Self-Love Into Your Everyday Life?

On top of reciting positive affirmations in front of the mirror, there are small steps you can take to cultivate and nurture self-love. If you are having trouble shifting into this mindset, a great tool is to treat yourself as you would a partner or friend. Asking yourself, “am I being too tough on myself right now? Do I need a break?” can reset your brain from survival mode and allow yourself to ditch something you would struggle through. 

Physical self-love is just as important as these mental efforts. In fact, in ways, physical acts are the way in which you can put your mental strategies into action. Try going for a run, taking a nap, or even enjoy intimate play. That’s right, we’re totally serious! Intimate play or masturbation can be an incredible way to practice self-love and there is nothing like an orgasm to clear your mind and add a high note to your day. 

Womanizer Premium EcoWomanizer Premium Eco

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Why Are Orgasms Good Self-Love Practice? 

With a natural endorphin rush and sensory pleasure, orgasms are a popular way of expressing self-love.

Besides the excitement of experiencing a climax, the lead up to the orgasm itself is also an important part of the self-love process. By simply taking time out to relax and pamper yourself the way you deserve, masturbation and orgasms can help you reconnect with your physical self and stay in tune with your body.

While it may not feel so complex in the moment, connecting with your most intimate senses helps you center yourself and regain awareness of your physical and mental needs. 

Womanizer Premium Eco Eco-Friendly Clitoral StimulatorWomanizer Premium Eco Eco-Friendly Clitoral Stimulator

Image: Womanizer

How To Achieve Different Orgasms? 

There are several different orgasm types, and it often comes down to where and how you enjoy stimulation.

One of the most common types is a clitoral orgasm, with toys like the Sustainable Clitoral Vibrator and the G-Spot Vibrator to get you going. Both produces strong but quiet vibrations with 4 speeds and 7 vibration patterns. Womanizer’s Premium Eco is also super popular. It massages the clitoris with waves of air pressure and suction. Clitoral stimulators like these help you reach orgasm without any risk of numbness or loss of sensation.

Womanizer Premium Eco Eco-Friendly Clitoral StimulatorWomanizer Premium Eco Eco-Friendly Clitoral Stimulator

Image: Womanizer

Can You Have Multiple Orgasms? 

Practicing physical self-love might feel like something you really have to focus on at first. However, the more comfortable with your body you are, the more likely it is that you will be able to enjoy multiple orgasms too. 

Whether you want to integrate more physical or mental self-love into your daily life, the most important step is making yourself a priority. Show up for yourself and treat yourself as well as you deserve. 

If there's anything to take out of this blog, it's that self-love is not selfish!

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