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Jul 15, 2021by Olivia - F&F

In Australia, it only takes one minute to create one tonne of plastic waste. Yes, you read that right! In response to this alarming fact, Resparkle’s new campaign, “It Only Takes a Minute”, challenges Australians to “take a minute” a day to turn the tide on their plastic habits, and in turn, our escalating plastic pollution problem.

The brand new campaign is in collaboration with journalist, author and eco-activist, Sarah Wilson, along with 30+ Australian eco-brands — including Flora & Fauna. In fact, our very own Julie Mathers is featured in the impactful campaign video — you can watch it here!

It Only Takes One Minute To Create One Tonne Of Plastic Waste.

One tonne of plastic waste is generated every minute, of every day. That’s an entire shipping container of plastic being dumped into our landfill sites every sixty seconds and overflowing into our river systems. 

Plastic is literally everywhere — it’s found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the clothes we wear. Microplastics are scattered all over the planet, from the depths of the ocean to the highest mountain peaks! 

99% of all plastic is derived from harmful fossil fuels. Coal, oil and gas must remain firmly in the ground to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. What we do now will impact our future generations, our precious wildlife, and the natural world. That’s why inaction is not an option!

Turn The Tide On Plastic WasteTurn The Tide On Plastic Waste

“It Only Takes A Minute” To Turn The Tide On Plastic Waste!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all these facts. Sometimes, we need to take small, achievable steps to solve a big issue! That’s why Resparkle’s campaign is encouraging all Aussies to take just one minute out of each day to commit to making small, measurable changes and get educated on the problem of plastic waste via the “It Only Takes a Minute” website.

Pearl Chan — founder of “It Only Takes a Minute” and plastic-free cleaning brand, Resparkle — says there is an opportunity to create a real movement if each of us is willing to sacrifice just one minute of our day! “The It Only Takes a Minute campaign is designed to challenge these barriers, by showing that reducing your plastic pollution is actually pretty simple, and requires only small, sustainable changes by individuals to collectively make a BIG difference”.

Refuse, Reuse, ReduceRefuse, Reuse, Reduce

The 3 R’s Pledge | Refuse, Reuse, Reduce.

The reality is that in Australia, households are the largest contributor to plastic waste; responsible for approximately 1.2 million tonnes each year. 

“As one of the biggest consumers of single-use plastic in the world, change has to start both at a large-scale and an individual level,” says Sarah Wilson. “It Only Takes a Minute provides an opportunity for Aussies to educate themselves on ways to make a real, lasting impact on the environment for themselves and our future generations, starting with a simple pledge and a commitment of just one minute a day.”

Imagine what we could achieve if we all took a minute out of our day to address our plastic habits? If we all Refuse single-use plastic, Reuse what we can, and Reduce plastic pollution. We can avoid seeing ocean plastic quadruple by 2040!

Sign The PetitionSign The Petition

Sign The Petition To Strengthen Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets!

In 2018, the Australian Government committed to the 2025 National Packaging targets — three years later, and Australia is still the most wasteful nation in the developed world! Even though many of us diligently put our cans, bottles, and hard plastic packaging into the recycle bin, we are still sending 40,560 rubbish trucks worth of recyclables to the landfill every year… 

With the current rate of recycling at 13 per cent, we are still a long way off from achieving 70 per cent by 2025. That’s why Resparkle is calling upon all of us to take a minute out of our day to sign this petition. It’s a letter to the Federal Government that outlines why radical intervention is needed to meet the 2025 National Plastic targets. Let’s make some noise!

Refillable Cleaning ProductsRefillable Cleaning Products

Resparkle’s Plastic-Free Cleaning Products

Here at Flora & Fauna, we’re so proud to support the “It Only Takes A Minute” campaign — introduced by Pearl Chan and the wonderful team at Resparkle, plus the amazing Sarah Wilson

If you’re looking to reduce your plastic waste in the home, make sure you check out Resparkle’s waste-free, toxin-free and cruelty-free cleaning products! They’ve created an amazing range of compostable, concentrated sachets that you can reuse endlessly in one of their durable glass/silicone bottles. 

There’s all-purpose cleaning liquid, dish-washing liquid, hand wash, floor cleaner and laundry powder — you can browse the entire range of Resparkle’s products here at Flora & Fauna.

“It Only Takes A Minute” to take the 3 R’s pledge and sign the letter to the Federal Government. Together, let’s turn the tide on plastic waste!

For more updates on plastic-free initiatives, visit the Eco News category or check out the blogs below. 

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