Our Team's Christmas Wishlist!

Dec 02, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Christmas is just around the corner and our teams wishlists are officially locked in. If you're looking for some gift ideas, you might find some inspo in our team's top picks. We've categorised our lists into themes, so whether you're friends or family are into beauty, are in need of some self-care, are an adventure seeker, have a sweet tooth or enjoy arts and crafts — you'll be able to find the perfect gift. Read along!

Wheatbags Love Relax Gift PackWheatbags Love Relax Gift Pack

Image: Instagram/ @wheatbagslove 

Self- Care Lover 

The Christmas holidays are all about relaxing and our team likes to do this, starting with some self-care!

Wheatbags Relax Gift Packs are loved by many of the team here at F&F. The pack comes with a wheatbag, some bath salts and a muscle rub to really rope you into a spa-bath like experience. We think this is complimented nicely with some tea — cold or hot! Tea Tonic's Blue Magic Loose Tea and it's colour changing trick — definitely brings out a bit of Christmas magic. Plus there are some obvious benefits from drinking it regularly, like boosting the lustre of your hair, skin and eyes and is nature's natural aphrodisiac. Another great addition, is being in a room that transports you just by it's fragrance. We have some beautiful candles to choose from, but if you're looking to stay on the Christmas theme, we recommend the Mistletoe Candle from Mojo.

Love Luna Navy Blue Swim Period One PieceLove Luna Navy Blue Swim Period One Piece

Image: F&F

Adventure Seeker & Sport Enthusiasts 

What's Christmas in Australia, without a bit of water fun? Ladies if you have your period over the summer — don't sweat it! Love Luna has created period swimwear that feature 4 trusted layers of protection to keep you safely locked away both in and out of the water. So wherever your adventures may take you this summer, you don't have to miss out! For the gym lovers, looking for their protein fix, we highly recommend you checking out our Vegan Protein selections. Our team's current fave, is the Strawberries & Cream from Nutra Organics — it has a deliciously creamy, naturally sweet taste that's perfect for the whole family. And, if you're travelling as all adventure seekers tend to do, make sure to check out our Travel Products, there's so many great essentials that are better for the planet and small enough to carry on your travels. We're loving Retreatment Botanics Traveller Skincare Set complete with 8 skincare products, to help you achieve luminous, healthy & hydrated skin. 

Vegan Mince PiesVegan Mince Pies

Image: F&F


Our team either loves cooking food creations or simply endulging in some pre-made classic tastes. If that sounds familiar, here's what we recommend gifting your friends and family. Chocolate! Chocolate is your best bet, and we have some pretty cool and on-theme Christmas creations. Chocolate shaped as a Tree is one of our faves, but you can also gift some other christmas themed goodies like, Hazelnut White Chocolate and Mince Meat Pies (vegan of course). 

We also recently made a Christmas Rocky Road Recipe — which is a lovely dessert to bring over on Christmas day. Our team loved it!

Eye of Horus Complexion Palette - Contour & BronzeEye of Horus Complexion Palette - Contour & Bronze

Image: F&F

Beauty Obsessed

There are so many gorgeous makeup products we are obsessing over! Let's start with Inika's Matte Perfection Set. This set contains 6 products and is curated for those looking to achieve a beautiful matte complexion. We also love Eye of Horus Complexion Palette for contouring, highlighting and illuminating, did we mention this palette is exclusive to Flora & Fauna? Pretty cool right? The Complexion Duo Universal is also very Christmas inspired, and we think it would make for a great Christmas day beauty look! 

When it comes to beauty gift packs, we can't go past Luk Beautifood's Kissmas Lip Duo. We also think Axiology Balmies Set, Of The Earth resemble some lovely Christmas classic colours. Bonus is, the balmies are multipurposed — great for your eyes, lips and cheeks!  

Foldable Plant PotFoldable Plant Pot

Image: F&F

Upcycling Fanatics & Crafties

Our team here at Flora & Fauna are huge upcycling fanatics and craft lovers! We also have a few gardening fans, so Sow N Sow's Foldable Pots are a gorgeous gift to help add some colour to your space. A quick pop and push is all it takes to have these pots ready to house your plants. We also really enjoying growing our own Tea from Urban Greens. It's quite educational too, so we recommend it for all ages. 

We're of course fans of already upcycled products too, like the Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Passport Holder, Cork Bags and Mojo Candles. We also have a blog on our Top 10 Upcycling Ideas — make sure to check it out for some inspo!


Our team, seriously has too many favourite products, but we hope you can find some similarities in our interests with that of your friends and family! Maybe you'd like to create your own wishlist and share with your loved ones to help give them inspo! 

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