What Animals Represent Christmas & Why?

Dec 02, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Here are some feathered and furry friends that represent the joyous December season of Christmas around the world, and why they’re associated with the holidays!

Polar Bear & Partridge - Christmas AnimalsPolar Bear & Partridge - Christmas Animals

Image: Canva

Polar Bears & Partridges 

Polar bears have become symbols of the holiday season due to their proximity to snow and cold. Interestingly, polar bears are not found at the North Pole. They live in the Arctic and Canada. The polar bears have a beautiful, fluffy white coat that allows them to hide in their environments, where they often are mistaken for snowdrifts!

Did you know that partridges are not actually found in pear trees — they’re in fact ground birds! But thanks to that repetitious lyric in “12 Days of Christmas,” these birds are one of the most well-known Christmas creatures. Partridges have light-colored feathers, chicken-like bodies, and small heads!

Turtle Doves & Sheep - Christmas AnimalsTurtle Doves & Sheep - Christmas Animals

Image: Canva

Turtle Doves & Sheep

European turtle doves have long been a symbol of Christmas celebrations. Well known from the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” the turtle dove's first connection to Christmas actually dates back to the birth of Jesus in the Bible. Turtle doves also symbolise life-long relationships of love, devotion, and friendship!

You have most likely spotted some sheep in the vicinity of a manger nativity scene! Sheep are a major symbol in the Christian faith, the creatures are mostly docile and defenseless, famous for their gentleness. Did you know that sheep can distinguish between a smile and a frown on human faces, and prefer smiles much like us?!

Reindeer & Dog - Christmas AnimalsReindeer & Dog - Christmas Animals

Image: Canva

Reindeers & Dogs

This wouldn’t be a Christmas animal list without including the reindeer! Reindeers may not fly, but they do live in extremely cold conditions. In fact, their noses really do turn a shade of red given the right conditions! The root of the image of reindeer leading Santa's sleigh comes out from “The Night Before Christmas.”

Last but certainly not least, another animal that’s associated with Christmas around the world is dogs! Where the connection between dogs and Christmas began, has no real origin story. Yet, there’s no doubt the idea of cute canines is loved at Christmas time. There are more Christmas movies centered around dogs than we can count! Families love dressing their dogs in holiday costumes, and puppies are also the #1 gift during the holiday!

Were there any of these animals you didn’t know had a connection to Christmas? Or better yet, what other animals do you think resemble Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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