New Year New Home

Jan 01, 2019by F&F

We often think about improving our health when we think about January resolutions but how about improving your home and having a more eco-friendly, sustainable home? It can help our planet plus your pocket. We have a few ideas to get you started.


Split Your Waste...Have different bins for different waste and don't just do it in the kitchen; try the bathroom too. Have one for compostable food scraps, one for plastic (that hopefully you can recycle) and one for council recycling. 


Minimise Your Plastic In The Home.....We churn out lots of plastic every day in the home, typically. But what do we use? Something we've done is put all of our weekly plastic into a special bin then we work out what's in there and what we can do to replace/ reduce this. It's an eye opener. A few things that will drastically reduce your plastic include....


Go Plastic Free When Shopping...We use a lot of single use plastic when shopping whether it's shopping bags or plastic bags for fuit and veg. We want the supermarkets to take more responsibility but, until that happens there are options...


Find Natural Cleaning Products...Consider what you clean your bathroom and kitchen with. Often it's toxic and not something you want to be getting on your skin. If you have septic tanks you have to be very careful what you use. We love using soapnuts for washing clothes but also for cleaning the home and they are grey water safe. The liquid is 100% natural and a great cleaner. We've got some ways here you can use soapnuts around the home. Plus Resparkle and Koala Eco make gorgeous, natural cleaning products that work really well and are safe for the whole family. Resparkle's products are also refillable so you're helping the planet and your pocket too. 


Coffee Pods....We use a shocking 3 million coffee capsules every day in Australia, which is over 1 billion a year! They are a huge contributor to waste in landfill. Reusable coffee pods are an excellent way to go. You can use your favourite coffee, save money on disposable pods and help reduce landfill. 


Cleaning Cloths...The cloths we use, pan cleaners we use and dish spongers often have plastic in them and aren't biodegradable. Coconut is fantastic for cleaning brushes and you can find compostable cloths which are also cute too. 


Go Compostable or Resuable When Entertaining....If you entertain try using reusable, recycled cutlery or compostable cutlery, plates and bowls. 


Recycle....Check what your local council will recycle and use RedCycle at Coles or Woolies to recycle your soft plastic. You can recycle anything bought at Flora & Fauna direct with us so send back and earn some dollars. 


Compost...Composting is great for disposing of food scraps and enriching the soil. The Max Air Bin is a great way to start composting in your kitchen. 


Natural Personal Care Basics...Sometimes we can live a much simpler life and some products that we love to help us do that include natural soap (no packaging and biodegradable), bamboo toothbrushesshampoo bars and reusable sanitary pads



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