‘Loop’ Is Bringing Zero-Waste Shopping To Japan

Jan 17, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Loop’ is partnering with Japan’s largest supermarket chain, Aeon, to bring zero-waste shopping to more than 37 million people in metropolitan Tokyo!

Loop Launches In Aeon JapanLoop Launches In Aeon Japan

Loop Is Partnering With Aeon — Japan’s Largest Supermarket Chain!

Have you heard of Loop? The fantastic zero-waste shopping scheme, developed by TerraCycle, allows shoppers to purchase groceries, household products, and personal care products in reusable, returnable containers! After paying a fully refundable deposit, shoppers can “borrow” a range of returnable containers — the deposit is paid back when the shopper returns the original packaging. Zero-waste!

Loop has partnered with many leading retailers. Now, the zero-waste scheme is coming to Aeon — Japan’s largest supermarket chain! Around 19 stores will carry a range of products in Loop’s reusable packaging. Many participating stores are located in metropolitan Tokyo, so the scheme will be available to around 37 million people. Amazing, right?

Tokyo Japan WalkingTokyo Japan Walking

Two-Thirds Of Japanese People Want To Tackle Plastic Pollution

Did you know that Japan is the fifth-highest producer of single-use plastic in the world? Per person, Japanese people produce around 37kg of plastic waste — adding up to 9.4 million tonnes a year. The densely populated island nation incinerates around 67% of its trash, which releases harmful toxins into the air. 

The prevalence of single-use plastic has increased in Japan, but so too have the concerns surrounding plastic pollution. 

The idea of being less wasteful, called ‘mottainai’, is firmly rooted in Japanese culture — but citizens are pushing back on the idea that reducing plastic pollution is solely up to the consumer, and are calling for more action from Government and big businesses.

Kamikatsu Zero WasteKamikatsu Zero Waste

Kamikatsu | Japan’s First Zero-Waste Village!

Although zero-waste shopping is a relatively new concept in metropolitan Japan, some rural villages are banishing waste altogether. Kamikatsu, an hour’s drive from the nearest city, Tokushima, is home to 1,500 residents — it’s also the first place in Japan to pass a ‘zero waste declaration’!

Kamikatsu’s community-wide effort to reduce waste means that citizens sort their household waste into around 45 different categories; the items in good condition end up in ​​Kuru Kuru recycling store, where residents can retrieve the items for free! 

It all began in 2000, when the community was forced to shut down its two incinerators. The village started to produce less rubbish. Amazingly, Kamikatsu recycles 81% of its waste — compared to the national average of just 20%.

Loop Woolworths Australia Zero WasteLoop Woolworths Australia Zero Waste

Loop Is Coming To Woolworths In Australia!

Good news! In 2022, Loop’s reusable packaging system will be available at participating Woolworths stores around Australia. The launch will include groceries, household goods, personal care, beauty items, and more.

Loop has branded itself as a “modern milkman” — basically mimicking the idea of delivering reusable bottles and picking them up to be cleaned, which isn’t really part of our society anymore. This modern-day reinterpretation allows you to use and consume your favourite products and drop off the packaging to be cleaned. This is a fantastic initiative that will expose around 29 million weekly Woolworths’ shoppers to the world of zero-waste shopping! 

‘Loop’ is rolling out in supermarket and retail chains all over the world! This scheme — which offers groceries, household products, and personal care products from well-known brands in reusable packaging — is a great way to introduce a lot of new people to zero-waste shopping. We’re excited to see the rollout of Loop in Japan and Australia! 

In the meantime, did you know that Flora & Fauna has a broad range of zero-waste Refillable Products? We have everything you need — from the refillable Dirt. Laundry Liquids and the Barespo Hand Wash Starter Kits, to the Asuvi Deodorant Refills!

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