How To Develop A Minimalist Beauty Routine

Feb 17, 2023by Gabby - F&F

More and more, we're seeing people all over the world seek out a minimalist lifestyle and when it comes to beauty, there's no exception!

If you're someone who struggles to find your everyday makeup essentials, have products you haven't used in ages, buy new makeup before using up the old — then it might be time to declutter your makeup bag. In doing so, you can stop giving your skin more than it needs and at the same time, help to reduce the beauty industry’s environmental impact.

Bamboo Makeup PaletteBamboo Makeup Palette

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What Is Capsule Beauty & Why Do We Need It?

Capsule beauty draws on minimalism. Essentially, it aims to strip back one's beauty routine to its most needed steps and products.

So what does this look like? This could be selecting fewer beauty products that are of higher quality, prioritising multi-use products and asking yourself questions like:

  • What does my skin need?
  • What products don't I use?
  • What products can serve more than one use?
  • What can I do with the stuff I no longer need?

The beauty industry is currently responsible for 120 billion units of plastic packaging. So, putting yourself in this capsule beauty mindset, will not only help you on your journey to becoming a beauty minimalist, but it'll give you the power to help the planet. 

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The Benefits To Building Your Own Makeup Palette

Building your own makeup palette is great for adopting a minimalist beauty lifestyle. Why? because they encompass everything you need all in the one compact area. You can customize and refill your palette to suit your own personal style.⁠ This way, you can be sure you'll use everything, compared to buying a pre-made palette that only has a few colour preferences you like, with the rest being left untouched. 

The great thing about Elate's Makeup Palettes, is that they have taken your makeup kit staples and made them as low-waste and sustainable as possible, being made from bamboo and glass. They are designed to fit any pressed powders, so you can personalize, refill and reuse it again and again.

Pressed MakeupPressed Makeup

Image: Instagram / @elatecosmetics

New From Elate

So with that being said, let's check out what's new from Elate, keeping in mind the beauty capsule mentality. 

Elate Cosmetics full coverage, two-in-one Crème Concealer and Illuminator is super nourishing and works to enhance your favourite features. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like evening primrose oil and the crème concealer heals and conceals blemishes. Perfect to add to your customisable palette. If you're looking for a high performance eyeshadow that absorbs oil and removes creasing — you have to try the Pressed Eye Colour. The compact itself, is fully compostable or otherwise perfect for adding to a customisable palette. There's 8 colours to choose from and they can double up as a blush as well. 

If you're someone who's eyebrows need constant taming, try the Brow Balm. It's waxy, tinted and is the secret ingredient to sculpting your brows, whilst, saving you from dry, flaxy brows and environmental pollutants. This Brow Balm will fill a quarter of the Essential Palette, leaving you plenty of room for other makeup essentials. 

Also new is the, Essential Mascara. It's created for even the most sensitive of eyes, is water- and sweat-resistant and of course lengthens those eyelashes. It also double's up to help keep your eyebrow's in place. Lastly, we're calling on everyone who wants good coverage but who also wants to show off their freckles. Elate's Sheer Tint Foundation does just this and we also sell a Refill Bottle

Once you've picked out your essential beauty products, it's time to put the minimalist beauty routine into full swing — that means only buying what you need and avoiding temptation purchases.

This change in routine is sure to help save you money, the planet and your skin — how great it that?

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