Hazelnut Chocolate Overnight Oats

Feb 15, 2023by Gabby - F&F

Ever wondered what to do with leftover spread in a jar? We're talking, not enough to cover two pieces of toast, yet too much to waste! Then we have the solution for you. Why not use the leftover spread at the end of the jar, in this choc-tastic overnight oats recipe!

Overnight Oats IngredientsOvernight Oats Ingredients

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  1. Pour all ingredients into a jar and mix.
  2. Place in fridge and leave overnight.
  3. Optional: top with dairy-free yoghurt or fruit of your liking.
  4. Enjoy!

We think this recipe is a great way to avoid food waste! Plus you can enjoy your brekkie at home or on the go with the reusable jar! You could try this same recipe with nut butters, jam etc! The trick is you can change the flavour of the oats, with your choice of protein powder too. Let us know your go-to overnight oats recipe in the comments below.

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