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Jan 16, 2023by Olivia Harper - F&F

‘Follow Your Legend’ is a brand on a mission to create products that inspire you to connect with the earth and form a community that fights to protect it. Let’s check them out!

Wildlife Follow Your LegendWildlife Follow Your Legend

Image: Instagram / @followyourlegend

Introducing Follow Your Legend, A Brand That’s Doing Extraordinary Things For The Planet 

Follow Your Legend is a brand on a mission to protect wildlife of all kinds, bring people access to clean water, and combat climate change. How do they do this? Follow Your Legend is an online store with a collection of unique lifestyle products, such as bracelets, plushies, hats, and necklaces. Each product is in partnership with a different organisation, and comes with an interactive feature!

At the center of their mission are the organisations they partner and work with to protect wildlife and wildlife sanctuaries. Up to 50% of profits are donated to their partner organisations, some of which include; Gorilla Doctors, Mote Marine Laboratory, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Olive Ridley Project, Bimini Shark Lab, Adelaide Koala Rescue, The Dolphin Project, and Pandas International!

Legend BraceletsLegend Bracelets

Image: Instagram / @followyourlegend

Legend Bracelets 

Follow Your Legend has a super cool line of products. We especially like their Legend Bracelets! Each bracelet gives back to a specific wildlife organisation, based on the bracelet you select. For example, each Panda Legend Bracelet gives back to helping save pandas!

The bracelets have two capsules, one capsule is empty for you to fill it with sand / earth or something meaningful, and the other capsule is filled with a part of nature that’s from an animal sanctuary and areas of the world we need to protect. We love that the Elephant Legend Bracelet is filled with sand from Africa, where the elephant sanctuary is located! All bracelets are made with eco-friendly cork bark.

Legend Plushies

Follow Your Legend has created three adorable plushie soft toys, the sea turtle, panda, and elephant! When you purchase a legend plushie, Follow Your Legend donates to protect the animal of your choice. Welcoming home a sea turtle plushie for example means that you are supporting the Olive Ridley Project whose mission is to help save injured sea turtles and remove plastic ghost nets from our ocean!

We think it’s awesome that Follow Your Legend has so many diverse partners and organisations to choose from, and that by buying their products, you get to enjoy a new accessory while helping one (or many more!) animal species that are endangered around the world. Win win!

Gorilla Legend HatGorilla Legend Hat

Image: Instagram / @followyourlegend

Legend Hats 

When you purchase a legend hat, you are also supporting a wildlife or environmental organisation. We adore their Classic Legend Hat, different from their other products, when you grab yourself one of these, you’re giving back to Follow Your Legend’s ongoing project in Sierra Leone, Africa to build water wells to provide underserved villages access to clean drinking water!

This hat features their logo, a simple reminder to stay connected to nature (roots) and as a community we can rise up to protect it (arrow). We also love the design of their gorilla legend hat. This hat is in partnership with Gorilla Doctors to help provide medical care to injured gorillas, what a great initiative!

Legend NecklaceLegend Necklace

Image: Instagram / @followyourlegend

Legend Necklaces

Last but certainly not least, Follow Your Legend has also created a stunning necklace. Why is it so special? Well, the legend necklace has a single capsule that you can fill with sand, earth, ashes or anything special to you. Each necklace has a gem at the bottom of the pendant that contains a hidden message with a positive affirmation, so you carry this message with you wherever you go.

They have included some beautiful messages in these necklaces, and you can choose your message too! Pick from love, adventure, friend, light, empower, strength, or family. We love their adventure necklace, which has the message ‘a ship in a habor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for, seek your adventure’.

We think it’s amazing what Follow Your Legend has achieved and all the wonderful things their partners are doing for the planet and wildlife. You can shop their products over at and follow along the journey on their Instagram too.

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