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Jan 18, 2023by Gabby - F&F

Ever feel like your body is a tad out of balance? Being out of balance can have a negative effect on your physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral characteristics. This 'balance' we are talking about, is all to do with our doshas, and it's part of Ayurvedic medicine.

When your dosha is well-balanced, there are many positives that come with it. So, with all this in mind, Love Tea has carefully formulated a new tea range to help support you return to balance. Find out more about what Ayurveda is and which dosha resonates most with you!


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What Is Ayurveda? 

Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional and holistic system of medicine native to India. The word 'Ayurveda', translates to “the science of life,” and therfore works to consider an individual's physical, emotional and mental health.⁠ Each of these areas, are broken down into 3 basic principles called doshas. These are derived from five elements. The doshas are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. All three doshas are present in unique combinations in all beings, and we tend to feel thebest when they all exist in balance in the body. However, most of us are dominant in one or two of the doshas and can greatly benefit from understanding how wecan naturally balance our predominant dosha.

This is where Love Tea steps in. They have made their Ayurvedic range to help support your return to balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. So how do you know what tea is right for you? Keep reading as we break down the doshas in detail.

Love Tea - Vata Pyramid Tea BagsLove Tea - Vata Pyramid Tea Bags

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This Ayurvedic herbal blend has been designed by a naturopath to support and balance the vata dominant constitution. People who are Vata dominant are typically slim, energetic, and creative. Out of balance this dosha may feel anxious and experience poor circulation, mental function and digestion.

This blend includes herbs such as withania, fennel, cinnamon and bacopa, traditionally used to support digestion, mental clarity, circulation and the nervous system. 

Love Tea - Kapha Pyramid Tea BagsLove Tea - Kapha Pyramid Tea Bags

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People who are kapha dominant are typically peaceful, content, stable, grounded, loving and calm. They are also generally strong and thick-boned. Out of balance this dosha may present as unmotivated, sluggish and lethargic. The person could be more prone to weight gain and have a slower metabolism.

The Kapha blend includes herbs such as siberian ginseng, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon, traditionally used to stimulate and support stamina and vitality.

Love Tea - Pitta Loose Leaf TeaLove Tea - Pitta Loose Leaf Tea

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Pitta dominant individuals are typically of a medium, athletic build, they are energetic, ambitious, and passionate leaders. Out of balance, they are prone to becoming heated, jealous, and angry with poor digestion.

This blend includes herbs such as rose, spearmint and fennel, traditionally used to help cool, harmonize and balance the Pitta dosha. Balancing your dosha could have the following strengths: able to learn quickly,  be self-determined, masters skills easily, have a strong desire for success, quick metabolism, good circulation, healthy skin and hair. You will love this Ayuverdic blend if you feel you resonate most with the Pitta dosha. 

We hope you found this blog educational, and were able to narrow down a tea that is right for you.

We thought it was also important to note that a Ayurvedic diet may also help a person achieve optimal balance. Vata is encouraged to eat warm, moist and soft foods, Kapha should eat spicy, acidic and filling foods, whilst Pitta should eat light, cold, sweet and energising foods. 

We love how natural and holistic medicines are doing wonders for our body. Thanks to Love Tea, we can start our journey towards wellness and be the best versions of us, we can be. 

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