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May 13, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Are you still in that weird in-between? Thanks to covid, we all had to learn how to adapt our working environment, to work from home. Now as restrictions ease, we have pretty much become experts at working wherever we need. For a lot of you, this might look like working from home some days and coming into the office other days. 

No matter what the case is, ensure you have everything you need on your desk, to work like a pro! 

Here's what we recommend!

SoL Reusable Glass Bottle Cool CyanSoL Reusable Glass Bottle Cool Cyan

Food & Drinks 

Before we get into the knitty gritty, you're going to want to ensure you have all the snacks and drinks you need, to help get you through your working day. 

For most of you, this will start with coffee. We have a number of beautiful Reusable Coffee Cups here at F&F that are plastic-free, keep your coffee hot and will make your co-workers jealous of! Throughout the day, the best way to stay hydrated is always having a Reusable Water Bottle in arms reach. We have so many wonderful colours to choose from!

Before you reach lunch, your stomach has probably grumbled at you. Some great healthy options are our Protein Bars or a handful of our Baruka Nuts — The Healthiest Nuts In The World. Then, as the 3'oclock twitch begins to sink in, having a Chocolate is just the energy boost you need to push through!

Earth Greetings Blank Journal - Rainbow Sun CodesEarth Greetings Blank Journal - Rainbow Sun Codes


Organisation is key in the office, and with Earth Greetings beautiful note pads, journals, desk notes and to-do lists — you'll never be more organised! The Earth Greetings Bamboo Pen is a great accompaniment for writing down your notes and actually looks very aesthetic. Perfect for giving your desk that x-factor look! 

Eco Pens are another great option if you're looking to buy pens in bulk. There are Brown Kraft Pens, Black Kraft Pens or Clicker Pens, consisiting of red, blue and black colours, available in a 10pk. If you like highlighting your work, we have sustainable Highlighter Pens too.

Raw Nature Natural Lip Butta - SpearmintRaw Nature Natural Lip Butta - Spearmint


In our own bias opinion, we think the following goodies are a must-have on your work desk!

Lip Balm — we find ourselves reapplying our lip balm regularly to ensure soft, smooth lips! A great habit to get into, especially for the colder months. A Lipstick is always handy too. Here at F&F we never know when we might just get roped into a social video, so it's perfect for adding a bit of colour!

At F&F, we continue to practice good hygiene, so we love having a Hand Sanitiser available on our desks. With this, we recommend a Hand Cream too, to avoid any dryness. At the same time, we apply Raw Natures Perfumes to our pulse points. It's very much our step by step hand care routine! Lastly, we are notorious for either misplacing or forgetting our Hair Ties, so having some spares really helps us out. 

Eco. Stone DiffuserEco. Stone Diffuser

Diffusers & Essential Oils

There's something about floating smoke that gets us excited! But seriously, we highly recommend a Diffuser. They add a beautiful touch to your office, smell amazing and offer some health benefits too. 

For work benefits, you can't go past, Focus, Positive Vibes, Happy & Calm and Pick Me Up blends. All designed to do exactly what the say! If you're more after something that simply smells nice, we love the Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon

Sow n Sow Pop Up Pot - YonderSow n Sow Pop Up Pot - Yonder

Work Plant

What's work, without a cute little work plant? Sow N Sow's Pop Up Pots, are a great sustainable choice that will add a pop of colour to your desk.

How do they work? They are a foldable pot ready to house a lovely plant with the ease of a quick pop and push. Simply plant your fave flowers directly into the pot and the water will drain through the base, allowing plants to flourish. 

We spend a lot of time at work, so it's well worth ensuring you have everything you need to get through the day with ease. Have fun making your desk your own, knowing the products you choose are a sustainable choice. For more Office Essentials, click here!  

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