A Guide To Sustainable Travel

Dec 13, 2023by Your F&F Team

Embarking on a journey doesn't mean compromising your commitment to sustainability. Discover our eco-friendly travel tips to minimise your environmental impact and make your holiday not only memorable but also responsible. 

Sustainable Travel Tips - F&F

Book with a Sustainable Tour Operator 

Planning a getaway? Opt for tour operators with a green twist! 'Green Escapes' and 'EcoWander' aren't just tour guides; they're sustainability superheroes known for their commitment to responsible tourism. These operators focus on supporting local communities, preserving natural habitats, and providing authentic experiences that prioritise sustainability, so you can leave a positive impact on your travels.  

Choose Eco-Friendly Transportation 

Skip the wings and try the wheels! Whether it's buses, trains, or a leisurely bike ride, the journey becomes part of the adventure. Enjoy the scenic route, discover hidden gems, and reduce your carbon footprint—all while keeping travel spontaneous and eco-chic! 

 Sustainable Holiday Ideas - F&F

Fly Responsibly 

Keep an eye out for sustainable carriers like 'KLM' and 'Virgin Atlantic' airlines that are investing in biofuels to create a greener future for flying.   

Bring Your Own Water Bottle 

Single-use plastics contribute significantly to environmental pollution, so choose to stay hydrated and eco-cool with your trusty reusable water bottle. Here at F&F, we have a lineup of Sustainable Bottles that keep drinks chilled and your conscience clear. Sip sustainably, avoid single-use plastics and bring along the style on your travels. 

 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips - Flora & Fauna Australia

Leave No Trace 

Be a travel ninja with "Leave No Trace" skills. Respect the local scene, dispose of waste wisely, and follow the green path. Swap single-use for sustainable cutlery, lunchboxes, and more, to add an eco-flair to your journey. Your sustainable choices leave a lasting legacy for nature enthusiasts yet to come, so set the standards on your holiday fun. If you’re not sure what this entails, organisations like 'Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics' provide guidelines for responsible outdoor recreation – a great place to start! 


The most sustainable travels are those that shape you, and inspire you to make a positive change in the world. We hope these tips help you on your holiday adventures this year. Remember to reflect on your experience and jot down ways that you can improve for next time. 

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