8 Essentials To Have In Your Gym Bag

Dec 31, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Curious as to what everyone is packing in their gym bag? Whether you're new to the gym,  someone who often forgets a thing or two, or you're off from one place to the next, follow this handy checklist. It will ensure you are prepared for your workout and for the day ahead! 

SoL Reusable Glass Bottle Seaside SlateSoL Reusable Glass Bottle Seaside Slate

Reusable Water Bottle

We all know how important water and staying hydrated is! But guess what, it's even more important when exercising! Why? Because when your body sweats, it's not only removing heat from your body, but you also loose some body fluids. Drinking water helps replace those fluids you loose.

Now, whilst you can grab a drink at the water fountain, making repeat trips will deter your workout and productivity, so it's best to have your own drink bottle, close by. 

Investing in a Reusable Water Bottle is great for at the gym, but it's also handy to have with you all throughout the day too!

Kooshoo Certified Organic Hair Ties - RainbowKooshoo Certified Organic Hair Ties - Rainbow

Hairties & Hair Brush

The last thing you want when you're working out, is for you hair to get in the way of your physical activity. A slicked back hairdo, is sure to do the trick and keep those fly aways at bay. 

Hairties can be unpredictable, one minute they're great and the next they end up breaking. Save yourself the hassel by packing some spairs. Kooshoo is the only organic and plastic-free hair ties in the world! They are also completely biodegradable, are great for thick hair and available in a variety of colours. Their Scrunchies are also super comfy to wear and their Headbands are designed to stay in place all day, so your hair really has no where to go.

Once you've finished your workout, a Hairbrush is always great to have, for a quick tidy up, and you're on your way.

Wotnot Facial Wipes Deep Cleansing x 25Wotnot Facial Wipes Deep Cleansing x 25

Makeup Remover Wipes

If you're coming to the gym after a day you have worn makeup, ensure you pack some Makeup Remover Wipes.

The combination of makeup and sweat, has been known to clog pores and potentially cause breakouts. Your pores actually open up when you sweat, so you defintely don't want the day's dirt to get inside your skin. 

So give yourself one less thing to worry about with Wotnot's Facial Wipes. They remove daily impurities and contain natural ingredients, meaning less irritation for your skin. On the otherhand, if you're just starting your day off - pack your essential Makeup items in a Makeup Bag and save time by applying it on in the gym's bathroom. Then you're ready to go wherever life demands.

Etiko Natural Rubber Thongs - Sea ShepherdEtiko Natural Rubber Thongs - Sea Shepherd

Shower Shoes

Picture this, you've woken up early to go to the gym, to make sure you have enough time to get home and shower, before having to go to where life demands. What if we told you, you could have had more of a sleep in by simply packing some shower shoes. Save yourself the hassle of travelling back and fourth to home and get ready for your day at the gym. This will also help the planet, by skipping an unnecessary trip home. 

Etiko's Natural Rubber Thongs are super comfy and great to pack in your gym bag. When you buy something from Etiko, part of what you pay goes to supporting the local community where they were made and you're also supporting the crucial work of Sea Shepherd whose mission is to conserve and protect threatened ecosystems and species.

Woohoo Natural DeodorantWoohoo Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant & Perfume

Here at F&F, our range of Natural and Organic Deodorants are aluminum-free and 100% free from parabens and other hidden nasties that are commonly found in mainstream brands. We are passionate about what we put on our skin and that’s why we have made it our mission to curate an amazing selection of organic body care and natural body care products that we adore and know that you will love too.

Whether you like a Paste, Roll On & Sticks, or Spray On, you will be sure to smell wonderful after your gym workout!

We also sell some lovely Natural Perfumes, that are easy to apply and smell beautiful! No one will even know you've just been to the gym.

 Amazonia Raw Protein Bar - Choc Chip Cookie Dough  Amazonia Raw Protein Bar - Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Protein Bars

After a hard workout at the gym, help your body recover with a Protein Bar. Plus, protein bars are a great healthy snack to have on hand, when you need something to eat. 

Amazonia's Protein Bars contain 10g of plant protein to keep you satiated and 4g of prebiotic fibre to support a healthy gut. Botanika Blends have low carb protein bars that are a fantastic post-workout or on-the-go snack.

If you're challenging yourself at the gym try a CLIF Bar. They are full of wholesome ingredients and are a perfectly balanced mix of carbs, protein, and fibre, so your body is supplied with the extra energy and nutrients it needs for extended periods of activity.

Raw Nature Natural Lip BalmsRaw Nature Natural Lip Balms

Lip Balm

In our opinion, Lip Balms are an essential in any bag. We're always reappling throughout the day to make sure our lips have enough moisture. 

Carrying a lip balm in your gym bag, is especially a good idea for any workouts that are conducted outside. When you are outside, you are competing with nature, whether that's harsh winds, heat or cold. The skin on your lips is extremely thin and can easily dry out and crack. If you're often doing workouts in the sun, invest in Hurraw SPF15 Lip Balm. If you're after lip balms with colour try FRUU. They are made out of fruit, made from waste.

We're big fans of Noosa Basics, Ethique and Raw Nature Lip Balms, for their eco-friendly and compostable packaging.

 Amazing Oils Daily Magnesium Roll On Amazing Oils Daily Magnesium Roll On


Do you suffer from aches and pains? Make sure you have our Magnesium Gel Roller for when those aches and pains stike. Amazing Oils have some wonderful selection of magnesium products, but we think the gel roller is a convenient size to pack in your gym bag. The Spray is also great for providing you with relief quickly!

Magnesium is required by almost 75% of the systems in the human body and is much needed to function correctly. Absorbing magnesium through the skin is a fast way to replenish your levels and is perfect for muscular pain, headaches, migraines, insomnia, restless legs and sports strains. If this sounds like you, make sure to grab some today.

Remember to pack items that you will actually use. You don't want to be carrying around any unecessary weight, that's what the gym is for!

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