5 Activities To Do At Home In Isolation

Apr 10, 2020by Justine - F&F

During this pandemic, we know it’s a tough time for everyone around the world. Should you go to work if you work for an essential business? Should you keep your kids home from school to ensure their safety? Will you be able to help a loved one if they get sick? These are all questions that have likely run through your mind. 

Despite the increasingly concerning news that is delivered each day, we want to help you stay positive in this uncertain time. Community is one of the most important outlets we have at this time. 

So reach out to your neighbours with a note, email or text and see if they need any assistance. Connect with your friends you haven’t seen in a while over video chat. Dust off that recipe book you got 3 Christmases ago and try something new. 

Fortunately, this horrendous event has fallen in our laps during a time where technology is accessible to almost everyone

Here are some fun things to do at home if you are feeling bored and have had enough of Netflix.


Organize a call with your mates or family via Zoom, Facetime or Facebook Messenger. If you’re from overseas, why not connect with your family? You can also coordinate Trivia through Kahoot, or play games on Jackbox which will take your mind off the more gloomy subjects.



Whip out a board game with your quarantine buddy and get some friendly competition going. We've been playing Monopoly Deal & Sequence. Or if you love video games 'Overcooked' is fun to test your skills in a virtual kitchen.



Bake something new! We've got a lot of food kits and baking mixes at F&F so feel free to give them a whirl! Or if you have a recipe you want to share with us send it across and we might feature it on our blog.



This may not be 'fun' but it sure is therapeutic to get rid of all the clothes that you don't wear anymore or have grown out of. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and start purging. It doesn’t have to be just clothes, you donate all sorts of things and divert them from landfill. Check the Vinnies or Red Cross websites on what they can accept.




Sometimes you need to put your ideas and thoughts down on paper. Right now is a great time to reflect on how you're feeling about the current global state. Coronavirus will no doubt be something we look back on that's changed the way we live so why not document it or simply write about things that make you happy and stay positive at this time. We have some beautiful diaries available at 50% off (they may have gone by the time you read this post).


We hope these activities bring you some peace in mind during these uncertain times and you create some wonderful memories with friends and family. This pandemic will no doubt change the way we live, let’s make sure we get some positive changes out of it!

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