A Checklist of Essentials You Might Need

Apr 11, 2020by Julie - F&F

Right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are focused on having essentials around our home. They vary for different people but some are common and some we have at Flora & Fauna so here is our guide to essentials we have that might help you. This is very much based on what others are buying. Plus, of course, we deliver so you don't need to leave your home!




Other than socially distancing we consider this the most important item at this time. The World Health Organisation has advised us that washing our hands is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves. We need to wash our hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. At Flora & Fauna we have plenty of soap, both bar soap and liquid soap, from fantastic brands such as The Australian Natural Soap Company, Viva La Body, Dr Bronner's and many more. Shop our Soap


Hand Sanitiser

Following toilet roll these have been one of the most sought after products and we have sold out quickly every time we've had any in stock. Supply is improving as more people turn their hand to making hand sanitisers. The cost of raw ingredients is also rising so the prices are rising too. We are focused on doing our best to get you affordable choices here. As more people are making them people are also making claims around their effectiveness and some of those claims aren't correct. A few key points to note: 

  • Look for a hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol and ideally 70%
  • Hand sanitisers are antibacterial and help to kill germs
  • If a hand sanitiser claims they are antiviral they must be listed with the TGA. If they aren't they cannot make that claim
  • Use hand sanitisers when out or when access to water and soap isn't available

We have a range of sprays, gels and even refills in many different sizes. Shop our hand sanitisers

Hand Cream

Wen we're rubbing our hands with hand sanitiser we shouldn't forget to keep our hand nourished, A hand cream and oil are ideal to protect your hands. Shop Hand Cream.


Cleaning Products

We have seen an increase in customers wanting cleaning products and that definitely includes products that are free of the harsh chemicals. Luckily we have some gorgeouus brands at Flora & Fauna including ecostore, Green Addict and Koala Eco. Stocks of many cleaning brands are low nationally. We expect to continue to have stock but have more consistent supply from the end of April onwards. Shop all of our cleaning products.



The supermarkets are busy and, in some cases, a little bare. We don't have a huge food range but we do have over 700 products including everything from Mac N Cheeze to Vegan Chocolate, Pasta, Lollies and sauces and dips. All vegan of course. Shop Food and Organic Tea and Drinks



A lot of us are focusing on our immunity and health to help protect ourselves from the inside. Vitamin C is a huge favourite right now along with magnesium, spirulina, iron and B12. We have a great range from Vitus that is all vegan and based on wholefoods, along with lots of other supplements


Essential Oils

Essential Oils are wonderful to use at home. Their properties can help with immunity, anxiety, cleansing and de-stressing, and they're great to diffuse around the house - be mindful of pets and children. We have a beautiful range of essential oils at Flora & Fauna from leading brands such as ECO. Modern Essentials. We also have a beautiful range of candles


Face Masks, Oils and Treatments

Not essential but sometimes much needed. Beauty salons have shut so a few of us are creating an at-home spa. Great for the mind and mental wellbeing along with being a treat for your skin. 

We have beautiful face masks from Butt Naked, Buddy Scrub, Divine and more at F&F. Once you've had a face mask treat yourself with a nourishing oil such as Black Chicken Remedies Nocturnalist Serum.  


As a lot of these are highly sought after, stock levels are fluctuating at the moment so bear with us. We're getting stock in as the brands get stock. Take care and stay safe. 

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