Urban Composter Accelerator (500ml)

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  • Accelerator Spray for Urban Composter

  • Use To Accelerate the Composting Process

  • 100% Vegan Organic Microbe Solution

  • A Vegan Alternative to Bokashi

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Urban Composter Accelerator

The accelerator spray is a dynamic fermented fruit extract and it is made in Australia. It contains Effective Microbes that work to ferment and then break down the kitchen scraps placed in the Urban Composter™ Bucket. 100% organic microbe solution that is vegan. Easy and clean to use.

500ml spray bottle, 25.5cm tall, 6cm in diameter


Luke Gregory designed the Urban Composter and wanted an easy way to deal with food scraps so they don't go into landfill. He tried Bokashi but he found it hard to manage plus he discovered it attracts mice and rodents. From our perspective Bokashi isn't vegan as there are animal by-products in the Bokashi mix, so we are delighted Luke has created a vegan composting kit. 

Made in Australia. 


Simply cut up your food scraps into small pieces, spray with Urban Composter Compost Accelerator Spray and close the lid.

Drain the bucket every few days to release excess moisture from the fermentation process. The juice can be diluted (1:100) with water and used as a fertiliser for the garden. It can also be drained into the sink as an organic drain cleaner.

100% organic microbe solution

Useful Product

By: on 17 March 2019
I had to pour this one into my own spray bottle because the spray part was broken - apart from that, works well and would buy again.

Works a Treat!

By: on 17 March 2019
I find the smell of this one a little 'different' - but it works! My little compost bin with the compost helper is very much loved by me and my garden!

Compost accelerator

By: on 6 February 2019
Great idea for my composter. Lasts a long time which is good.

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