TOM Organic

Period Cup

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  • Size 1 Silicone Menstrual Cup
  • Holds 22ml
  • Includes Sterilisation Case & Pouch
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Product Description

TOM Organic The Period Cup

TOM Organic's The Period Cup is a reusable menstrual cup that allows for up to 8-hour wear, made from 100% medical grade silicone. By making the switch to a menstrual cup, you are making a conscious choice for your health and the environment. The Period Cup features unique finger indents and internal rib system for easier insertion and removal.

Every pack includes an easy-to-use microwave steriliser case for quick, safe cleaning and an organic pouch for easy storage. To clean your menstrual cup, simply add water to the cleaning case and heat in the microwave for a few minutes. Size 1 is equivalent to 2 regular tampons. Available in two sizes: Size 1 & Size 2.

Size 1 Menstrual Cup:

  • Recommended for users aged 30 years and under, mostly for those who have not given birth
  • Suitable for those with light to medium flow 
  • The size 1 cup is slightly short than size 2, better for those with a lower cervix
  • 41.25mm in diameter, the stem is 64mm (44mm excluding stem)
  • Holds 22ml

Size 2 Menstrual Cup:

  • Recommended for users aged over 30 years, mostly for those who have given birth (please note that the pressure of carrying a baby to term and the hormones can weaken the pelvic floor, regardless of how your baby was delivered)
  • Suitable for those with a heavy flow
  • The size 2 cup is slightly longer than size 1, better for those with a higher cervix
  • 45.8mm in diameter, the stem is 70mm (50mm excluding stem)
  • Holds 30ml

Vegan and cruelty-free. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Manufactured on a machine that leaves no waste off-cuts,

Certified organic by ACO (Australia Certified Organic), Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic product, TOM Organic is Australia’s leading organic feminine hygiene range. 

TOM’s range of feminine hygiene products are made using pure organic cotton; breathable and comfortable. Using TOM products ensures that one of the most delicate and absorbent areas of your body is only in contact with the finest organic cotton.  

By using TOM, you’re also doing great things for our planet. By following organic farming practices, we can help to prevent harmful pesticides from entering our environment and polluting the air, our waterways and the soil. After all, our planet is where we live, work and play so we need to protect it every way we can. 

For more information, read our blog on How To Use A Menstrual Cup

Until you get the hang of it, we recommend wearing a pad or liner for extra protection and peace of mind.

Wear your menstrual cup (either size) for up to 8 hours.

We don’t recommend selecting your cup size based only on flow.

The cup size can be linked to your pelvic floor strength which holds your cup in place, but it’s not only related to how many Pilates classes you’ve done, your pelvic floor can weaken for lots of reasons including pregnancy, childbirth and simply from the change in hormone levels as we get older.

You may find that once you are well practiced in using a cup that either size fits comfortably.

  • CUP: 100% medical grade silicone
  • STERILISER CASE: Medical grade recyclable green plastic
  • STORAGE POUCH: Organic cotton
  • PACKAGING: Cardboard - 100% recyclable 


Period Cup