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Four Seasons Beauty Box Subscripton (includes ship


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Love vegan skincare, beauty and eco-friendly treats but aren't so keen on poring through lists of ingredients, only to find the item you've bought or have been gifted is full of ingredients that are harmful to the environment or is tested on animals? Treat yourself with Flora & Fauna instead and you can forget about all those worries. If you are looking for a beauty box in Australia that reflects an eco-friendly, friendly, culture, here it is.

Our vegan boxes are sent to your door four times a year to refresh your collection of makeup, skin care and other goodies, in a way that is conscious to the earth. This means you can look forward to brand new beauty goodies tailored to spring, summer, autumn and winter. In essence, we will send you a box brimming with organic, natural and vegan skincare, beauty, body, home and health items each season.

If you don't want to sign up for four boxes, it is no problem; we also invite you to take out a one-time subscription just so you can sample our fantastic service. After all, you can always sign up for four once you fall in love with your first box! You will receive up to eight gorgeous goodies worth over AU $80.00 in each box, which is made up of a medley of full and trial sizes.

We always try to put in as many large products we love as possible, to make your money go further. The monthly beauty boxes are excellent for introducing you to cosmetic and skincare companies you don't know about, whether that is because they are internationally based or are newcomers to the scene. We adore scouring the globe to find fun and ethical labels to introduce to you.

Beauty boxes also offer you a chance to overhaul your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet thanks to being sent items that you may not have tried, but now can't live without after having them delivered to your door in our Flora & Fauna boxes. With plenty of years of experience, we know a great brand when we see one, meaning you can make the most of our expertise by opting for our beauty box subscription.

We are fans of beautiful, sought-after beauty brands like INIKA, Sukin, Ere Perez, Dr Bronners, Soak Society, Hurraw and My Magic Mud. Past items our customers have found in their vegan boxes have included everything from soothing oils for your body to whitening powders for your teeth, showing how varied the products you will receive are. The surprise element is one of the best bonuses of taking out a beauty box subscription with Flora & Fauna, especially when the items included truly live up to the hype.

Our gorgeously packaged gifts also take the hard work out of ensuring every cosmetic, bath or body item you buy is environmentally friendly and free from cruelty. It is important to us that each product you find in the vegan box has absolutely no parabens or SLSs and is not tested on animals. The issue with the beauty industry these days, unfortunately, is that you can’t always trust the ‘natural’ tag that is applied to many brands’ products. We have seen plenty of items that still include ingredients that are bad for our bodies and the environment with the so-called ‘organic’ tag. This issue is called ‘greenwashing’ and has increased ever since so many people have become more and more interested in ensuring their choices do not harm the environment or animals. Luckily, Flora & Fauna do the hard work for you with our beauty boxes, ensuring that these faux natural products don’t slip into your home without you realising.

We also ensure that our boxes themselves are eco-friendly. We are aiming towards being a zero waste company and try to minimise any use of plastic whatsoever; we are also now proudly BCorp Certified.  One way we do this is to send out our boxes ‘naked’, using paper tape. To show how serious we are about the environment, in June 2017 we formally launched a partnership with TerraCycle, meaning everything at Flora & Fauna is recyclable.

While many beauty boxes are monthly, we feel that keeping ours seasonal means we have time to curate the best products for you. It also means we are not sending out too many products, helping the environment once again. You will never get beauty box fatigue and will still be super excited every time you receive our wares. Another reason we choose to send out our boxes when the weather changes is so we can theme them to the seasons. We love being able to send the most useful products at the most appropriate times so they don’t go to waste. For example, in one of our spring collections, we picked skin-soothing creams for treating your complexion after spending time in the bright sunshine and sleep balms to help you get a full eight hours as the temperature heats up. In our winter packs, we popped in lots of comfortable treats like body oil to get your skin ultra soft until you bare it in summertime and highlighter to help draw attention to faces that may not have seen the sun for a while!

Take out a beauty box subscription with Flora & Fauna to stock up on seasonally fresh products and find out why we have been getting rave reviews for our excellently curated packages.