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Your F&F Rewards Club

We have a fantastic club we'd love you to join called F&F Rewards. Joining this club has many benefits, which are only available to members. To join you need an account and you can sign up here.

What are the Benefits?

  • You'll receive 10% off your next shop. Check your welcome email for the 10% off code
  • You earn reward points on every order and you can spend these anytime at F&F
  • You'll receive exclusive member offers
  • Save your wishlists 
  • Earn 2 points for every approved review you write
  • Earn 50 points for referring a friend who orders
  • Checkout quicker
  • Track your orders
  • Earn your way towards VIP status for even more benefits
  • Be part of a community driving change

How do I join the Flora & Fauna Rewards Club?

If you have an account you're already part of the club. If you do not have an account, you can create one when you purchase, at checkout, or at any time here. If you want us to talk to you you need to keep the newsletter box ticked otherwise you'll miss out on all the great benefits. Note if you have a wholesale account you are not eligible to earn points.

How do I get my 10% off?

Once you've signed up to the club you'll receive a Welcome Email with a 10% code.

How do I earn points?

You will earn 1 point for each AU $1.00 spent in our store after you have enrolled into the club. Points will not be given for past purchases.  You will see your points and vouchers in your account and at checkout of the page (Note: you must log in to view your points). You will see your points once your order has been shipped so don't expect to see points as soon as your order is placed. You will not earn points on gift certificates, shipping or discounts. Points will be subtracted when an order is cancelled, declined, or refunded. You won't earn points on the part of your order that is paid with points. You also won't earn points on discounts or on gift vouchers. 

Write reviews - everyone finds reviews helpful so we want to reward you for writing reviews. For every approved review you write you'll earn 2 points. Your review needs to be helpful so a one or two-word review won't get approved. To write reviews you need to be logged into your account. Head to the product page and leave your feedback. 

Refer a friend - if you refer a friend, who orders, you'll receive 50 points. refer a Friend functionality is in your account. 

What kind of rewards can I redeem with points?

Rewards are redeemable immediately so you don't have to wait to use your points. 20 points is equivalent to AU $1.00. You will see your rewards earned in your account and at checkout (as long as you are logged in). 

How do I redeem rewards?

First, you need to be signed in to your store account. Rewards can be redeemed at checkout against your purchases. You will see available credit - just enter the amount you'd like to redeem (in dollars) in the rewards redemption box at checkout. 

What exclusive discounts will I receive?

As a club member throughout the year we'll email you offers that are only available to club members. To receive them you need to be signed up to our newsletters so make sure you keep that box ticked when you sign up for an account or we can't talk to you. 

What VIP status and how do I get that?

We want to reward those customers who shop with us a lot and are very loyal. If you have spent over AU $500.00 with us in the last 12 months you will receive a VIP welcome email from us. Being a VIP opens up a suite of benefits. 

You can expect to receive priority shipping, early access to sales and the beauty box release, exclusive monthly VIP deals, a dedicated customer service email, Free Express Shipping over AU $100.00 in AU and NZ and invitations to exclusive events, amongst other wonderful benefits. 

We review who is a VIP every month and invite new VIPs at the start of the month. As it is an exclusive club you do need to retain your membership by spending over AU $500.00 in the previous 12 months. 

Other Questions

I buy wholesale off you. Can I be part of the club?

Retailers and anyone who buys wholesale, daigous, or bulk buyers, can't be part of the club; the F&F club is purely for our customers who use the products. 

I have a couple of accounts; can I merge them? 

We can't merge accounts so pick one and keep that as your primary account.

I can't find my account?

We have had a few customers sign up for emails thinking they have opened an account. It's confusing which is why we have changed this so you sign up once for everything. If you're not sure try and log in. If it doesn't recognise your email you'll see an error. 

The email or password you have entered is incorrect. Please check your details and try again.

Try and retrieve your password. If that doesn't work you don't have an account. If you want to be sure email, or call us and we'll check for you. 

Can I just sign up for the newsletter?

We've changed this so you sign up for an account and newsletter at the same time. It avoids confusion plus gives you a whole heap of benefits you were missing out on.

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