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Jan 08, 2017by Julie - F&F

We have a regime here at Flora & Fauna we strongly believe in as a basis for your skin care routine. You may adapt this depending on your skin type but this is your starter for ten and a guide to get you started. If you need any further help just get in touch and we'll be delighted to help.


Daily Cleansing Routine:

Cleanser - it's important to use this morning and evening to cleanse your skin. You may use a gel cleanser if you have oily or combination skin and a cream cleanser for normal or sensitive skin. You can search all of our cleansers here and filter down the side of the website to find the cleanser for your skin type. 

Toner/ Mist - Long gone are the days when a toner is seen as an astringent. Toners are actually needed to balance the skin and also provide moisture before adding a serum or moisturiser so that the serum or moisturiser absorbs better. A toner may seem like an unnecessary extra, but once you've used one, you won't go back. This is particularly important as your skin ages and is an essential part of your skin care routine. Shop all toners here.

Serum - A serum nourishes your skin and provides nutrients that we all lose every day. If there is one product you should invest in it's a serum as you are investing for your future. There are different types of serums including Kakadu  Plum serums, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Argan Oil, Marula Oil etc. Some amazing brands such as Mukti have packaged up their Anti Ageing serums into DayNight and Eye to make it easy. We also have serums from Eco Modern Essentials such as Vitamin C for during the day and Vitamin A for night. La Mav has an outstanding range of serums for anti ageing and facial oils such as Jojoba and Hemp Seed. In regards to serum we strongly recommend you to shop via Skin Type to establish what products might work for you. If you have oily skin you might think you don't need a serum but you should try and get in the habit of using one as they do nourish your skin and play a different role to a moisturiser. You may choose to just use one at night, rather than during the day. Shop all serums here.

Moisturiser - A moisturiser acts as a skin protectant and is very important, particularly with the harsh Australian sun. Depending on your skin type depends what product you might use. If you have oily skin we have a wonderful oil control moisturiser from Acure or a Balancing Moisturiser from Mukti. If you have dry or dehydrated skin Mukti has a Hydrating range and Weleda has a fantastic range for Sensitive Skin. La Mav also has skin care which focuses on hydration, anti ageing, plumping etc. You can read more about La Mav specifically via this link


Flora & Fauna Recommendations:

Oily/ Combination Skin

Everyday affordable: Acure's Oily Range with a gel cleanser, facial toner and facial moisturiser. Shop here. 

Eco Luxe: Mukti's Balancing range with a Balancing Cleanser, Neroli Toner and Balancing Moisturiser. Shop all Mukti here

Sensitive Skin:

Everyday affordable: Acure's Sensitive Range including a cleanser and moisturiser. Shop here

Eco Luxe: Trilogy's Very Gentle Range or Weleda's Sensitive Skin range

Normal Skin:

Everyday affordable: AcureDelicious SkinKosmea and People for Plants both have great products for normal skin. 

Eco Luxe: Dr Hauschka's Skin Care Regime with Cleansing Milk, Facial Toner and the Melissa Day Cream. Shop Dr Hauschka Skin Care here

Dry/ Dehydrated Skin:

Everyday affordable: Trilogy's hydrating skin care

Eco Luxe: Mukti's hydrating range


With anti ageing products we find you can use a normal cleanser and toner and use a specific toner and moisturiser.

Everyday affordable: Acure's Anti Ageing range

Eco Luxe: Mukti's Age Defiance Range, Black Chicken's RangeNeal's Yard Remedies beautiful Frankincense range or La Mav's Anti Ageing ranges which are perfect to take anti ageing to another level. 

There are some conditions such as RosaceaPsoriasis and Pigmentation where you need specific product and we have wonderful natural products to treat these problems. Follow the links above and we'll help you face your challenges naturally. 


Weekly Cleansing Routine:

Exfoliator: we don't suggest you use an exfoliator every day but you might choose to use one every other day or every week, depending on what your skin is like. We have some beautiful exfoliators from Mukti, Acure, Black Chicken, Kosmea, James St. Organics, La Mav and Vanessa Megan that really do help to brush away the dead skin cells. 

Gentle: These exfoliants can be used regularly.Vanessa Megan Lemon and Rosemary Exfoliating Cleanser - suitable for all skin types. Also Kosmea's Daily Facial Exfoliant is gentle enough to use regularly. You could also try using Delicious Skin's Cleansing Oil which is a gentle yet deep cleanser and very popular. 

Rougher: A little rougher than the gentle types so a really good intermediate scrub. Black Chicken's complexion polish is one where you add water so you can theoretically make it as rough or as gentle as you choose. James St. Organics Complexion Polish is made with walnut and lemon and is beautiful. Both of these products come in minis too so you can try them out first!

Rough: If you want a good scrub these are the ones you need. Acure's Brightening Facial Scrub is made with sea kelp and is a rough, green scrub. If you want a really powerful scrub and have oily skin this might be the one.  Mukti's 2 in 1 Exfoliant provides a really good scrub so you feel clean and brightened and also has AHA's to help resurface the skin and is perfect for anti ageing. 


Face Mask or Treatment: this depends very much on your skin type and what you are trying to achieve. For sensitive skin you'll want to calm your skin but with oily skin you might want a deep cleanse. One oil which we think should be in everyone's home is Argan Oil. This oil is wonderful as a hair treatment, overnight skin treatment, cuticle oil and more. It's a heavy oil so our advice is to leave on overnight and let nature work with the oil.

Sensitive Skin: For sensitive skin less is more often. We have a beautiful oil from Weleda which is Weleda's Sensitive Facial Oil and this can be used daily or as an intensive treatment. We have spoken to countless customers with sensitive skin and this has been their saving grace. We can't recommend it highly enough. La Mav has a beautiful Pink Clay Mask which is soothing for normal to sensitive skin .

Normal Skin: With normal skin you can use any of these masks an treatments but we do have a couple of options that are gentle, still draw out toxins and make your skin feel brighter. If you want to give yourself an at home treat pick up Black Chicken's Spa 2 Go Pack for a mini treat with a mask, serum, cleanser and more. We also have some beautiful, and affordable, masks from Andalou Naturals which are so relaxing. 

Anti Ageing: Acure's Cell Stimulating Facial Mask uses Argan Oil, Green Clay and Chlorella Growth Factor to really give your skin a boost, draw out toxins but repair your cells in the process. Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate is an overnight treatment which supports your skin's regeneration. Combine this with their Frankincense Intense and ageing seems a long way away. La Mav Green Clay Mask or Pink Clay Mask are wonderful to include in your skin care routine, 

Oily/ Combination Skin: We have lots of deep cleanse options here and clay is a perfect ingredient to draw out the toxins and impurities. Atom's Ghassoul Clay Mask in both a trial and full size has one ingredient and aims to simply detox your skin. Use this once a week and your skin will thank you for it. Dr Hauschka's Clarifying Mask, when combined with Dr Hauschka's Clarifying Steam Bath, is a wonderful skin treat. 


Hopefully this helps but if you need any further advice get in touch with us and we'll help you. 

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