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Jan 13, 2023by Gabby - F&F

Now that you have had a lovely holiday break, it's time to get back into a routine. This year, start your work ethic on a high with the help of our productivity tips!

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Set Up Your Workspace For Success

Having a nice tidy workspace is key to your success, but... you also want to make sure you have everything you may need, within hands reach. Imagine coming up with a cool idea, but not having a pen or paper nearby and by the time you find one, the idea is gone! You want to avoid that at all costs. So here's what we recommend:

Firstly, have all the essentials close by. This includes your Desk Notes, Pens, Water Bottle and Coffee! Anything like Lip Balm, spare Hair Ties, Perfume, Snacks, headphones etc can be put in a set of drawers next to your desk, to allow more space on your table. What's next might surprise you...try decorating your work space. In our opinion, an aesthetically pleasing work desk, makes it all the more appealing to work. Things you might like to include on your desk could be a photo frame of you and your loved ones, a Work Plant, a Candle or Diffuser to give off some nice scents, a clock, a Calendar — the list goes on!

And finally, if you can choose your space, we highly recommend choosing the spot near natural light. Natural light is known to increase productivity and all around health, as well as release happy endorphins. If you can't sit near natural light, we encourage you to go for a quick walk outside to recharge, before putting your head back down to work again.

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Install Standing Desks

Here at F&F, our team loves using their standing desks. A standup desk offers numerous health benefits, reduces back pain and increases your overall physical activity. It really ensures we limit our sedentary time and it's great if you're someone who is constantly on the move. Take our socials team for example, one minute they're off taking pictures, the next they're at their desk writing posts, then they'll be up again filming another piece of content. 

Most standup desks are height adjustable, so you can adapt it to suit you. Our hot tip is, changing your stand count on your apple watch to the number of times you want to stand a day — and let us tell you, having a standing desk — defintely helps with achieving that goal.

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Stay Organised & Set Deadlines

In this day and age, we can really use technology to our advantage. Our online calendars are great for popping in meetings, writing check lists and keying in deadlines. You can also use them to set reminders — which is great for giving you an extra nudge.

If you're a little bit old school, writing everything down has it's advantages too! You can have each day clearly defined with what what needs to be done, as well as plotting in all deadlines. 

Earth Greetings Calendar is great for showing you an overview of your month. Their Planners are great for weekly overviews and everyday tasks, whilst their Journals and Writing Pads are great for taking down key notes from meetings. For your more day-day reminders, you can't go past their Desk Notes! They take up little space and also work great for capturing your thoughts as and when they happen.

If you're easily distracted, our tip is, don't be afraid to turn your phone to 'do not disturb mode' whilst you get important tasks done. 

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Stay Hydrated & Eat Healthy Snacks

Water helps keep your body hydrated and functioning properly — so make sure to drink plenty of it throughout your day. 8 cups of water is recommended a day, but to save you going back and fourth to the water station, we highly recommend investing in a Reusable Water Bottle. Here at F&F we have many 1.8L and 1.9L bottles to choose from. This is fairly similar to your 8 glasses and this way, your goal can be to make sure you drink your entire bottle each day. We also have some gorgeous 1L bottles, which just means you'd have to make the trip back to the water station once. But sometimes a quick break away from the desk to refuel is just what you need to get your head back in the game. 

On that note, make sure to sustain your energy levels with a healthy diet. We also have some delicious Lollies and Chocolate to give you an energy hit — when the 3 o'clock twitch kicks in. 

Work RewardWork Reward

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Reward Yourself

Last but not least, remember to reward yourself for your achievements. Research shows that taking the time to celebrate your accomplishments can improve your motivation and performance. Think about it like this — if you just finished a huge project and then dove straight into the next one without taking the time to reflect on what you just did — your effort levels are less likely to be as high. 

Rewarding yourself can look like, grabbing a juice, taking a walk outside, chatting to a colleague or simply daydreaming. After taking a quick break away, you'll be sure to have the boost you need, to be productive.

Getting back into a routine, is always the tricky part after a relaxing break away, but with these tips — you'll be able to stay on track and achieve your goals in no time!

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