Woolworths Swaps To Compostable Produce Bags In South Australia!

Aug 05, 2022by Olivia - F&F

South Australia is the first state to have 100% compostable produce bags across all Woolworths stores! Let’s see why SA was chosen by Woolworths, and why the statewide rollout of these compostable bags is a huge win for our environment.

BioBag Supermarket Compostable Produce BagBioBag Supermarket Compostable Produce Bag

Image: BioBag World Australia

Woolworths Ditches Plastic Produce Bags In SA

Have you ever walked around your local Coles or Woolies and cringed at the amount of single-use plastic? Until now, the majority of people have relied upon single-use produce bags to hold their loose fruits and veggies. Of course, we always try to ensure that we’re bringing Our Reusable Produce Bags when we go grocery shopping — but sometimes we forget! 

Now, in South Australia, Woolworths’ shoppers will no longer need to use single-use plastic produce bags to hold their fruits and veggies. Instead, Woolworths have partnered with a local compostable bag manufacturer — BioBag — to roll out 100% compostable produce bags across all 67 SA stores. 

Unlike conventional single-use plastic bags — these 100% certified compostable produce bags are designed to completely decompose back into the Earth.

BioBag Compostable BagsBioBag Compostable Bags

Image: BioBag World Australia

SA Woolworths Customers Support The Sustainable Change! 

As Australia’s largest supermarket chain, Woolworths has a major influence on the way Australian supermarkets operate. The decision to offer compostable produce bags, followed after a successful trial in several SA stores. 

After receiving positive feedback from customers, Woolworths decided to roll out the change statewide and make it permanent! During the trial, more than 75% of survey respondents said that it was important for Woolworths to provide compostable produce bags to customers.

“We’re thrilled to be the first major supermarket in SA to roll out compostable fruit and veg bags in all our stores statewide — to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment,” said Woolworths SA Assistant State Manager, Elisha Moore.

BioBag Compostable BagBioBag Compostable Bag

Image: BioBag World Australia

Why Did Woolworths Choose SA To Roll Out The Compostable Bags?

So, why was South Australia chosen by Woolworths to trial the compostable bag rollout? According to Elisha Moore, “South Australia leads the nation in household access to council-provided composting — so it’s a great place to launch sustainable initiatives like these new bags,” she said.

It’s estimated that around 80% of SA households have access to kerbside organics recycling, which is often referred to as ‘FOGO’ bins — the green-lidded bins.

South Australia was the logical choice for Woolworths to launch these certified compostable fruit and vegetable bags in all their stores across the state, because all our metropolitan councils in Adelaide accept food waste in their green bins and so do many regional and country councils,” said Moore.

BioBag Compostable Kitchen Caddy LinerBioBag Compostable Kitchen Caddy Liner

Image: BioBag World Australia

Why Are Compostable Bags Better Than Single-Use Plastic Bags?

Across Australia, more councils are integrating FOGO bins into their waste system. Doing so prevents valuable resources from rotting away in landfill and creating methane, and instead, the organics can be transformed into nutrient-rich compost! 

In an industrial or commercial composting facility, the BioBags will break down into compost within 12 weeks. In these facilities, masses of food scraps and garden waste are subjected to the perfect amount of heat, moisture and oxygen to ensure that everything transforms into compost.

The new compostable bags are designed to be used more than once. First, in Woolworths to hold loose fruits and veggies, and then at home in the kitchen caddy where we collect food scraps! This ensures fewer plastic produce bags.

What do you think about this sustainable change that Woolworths has rolled out in SA? We think it’s a fantastic move from Australia’s Fresh Food People. Hopefully soon, we’ll see compostable produce bags across all major supermarkets in Australia. Single-use plastic produce bags could become a thing of the past! 

If you love hearing about sustainable initiatives and discoveries happening all around Australia, check out our Eco News category for more examples! 

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