What To Pack In Your Uni Bag

Feb 10, 2023by Gabby - F&F

It's back to uni time and Alina from our team is sharing some of her eco-friendly back to uni essentials! Follow the video below and start thinking about what items you can tick off on your checklist!

Reusable Drink Bottles & Coffee Cups

As a uni student, you're most likely living a life on budget. That's why a Reusable Drink Bottle comes in handy. First and foremost, they're better for the planet. But, on a savings side of things, it prevents you from buying bottled water everyday. Most university campuses have refill water stations, so it makes it really easy to get your water intake too! We have plenty of bottles to choose from, but to give you the most room in your bag, we highly recommend Memobottle's Flat Reusable Drink Bottles

If you're a coffee or tea lover, you need a Reusable Coffee Cup! Having a reusable coffee cup allows you to refuse single-waste plastic cups. As Alina shares in her video, the Fressko Cups are made from stainless steel and have markings inside the cup, so the barista knows whether to pour a small, medium or large! If you like your tea or coffee extra hot, KeepCup has cork covers to protect your hands. No spilt drinks on our watch!

Snack Bags & Containers

You can help reduce your waste by opting for plastic-free and reusable snack bags and containers. Silicone Bags are great for sandwiches, nut mixes, Lollies and fruit. They're super light and fold away nicely when you've finished with your snacks! Choose Stasher for an array of bright colours or Green + Kind, for a more neutral look.

If you're packing snacks that are a bit more delicate and you want to avoid them getting squished, we recommend packing them in a hard container. Lock & Lock has some great reusable storage containers to choose from. Cheeki's Lunch box is another great alternative to single use plastic wrap and are thin enough to fit in your bag.


Something you may forget to pop on your back to uni checklist is self-care, so here is your reminder! If you get chapped lips, packing a small Lip Balm will be sure to help keep them nourished. We have some great compostable balms to choose from that leave absolutely zero waste!

Smelling nice is a must! We have a huge variety of Deodorant available, whether you're after sticks, rolls ons or paste. We also have some mini Natural Perfume sizes that would fit so easily in your bag. Angel Aromatics Perfume could even fit in the coin compartment of your Wallet

Finally, when it comes to Makeup, having something multi-purposed will help you declutter your bag! For your eyelids, cheeks and lips you can try — Ere Perez Blush Pot, Axiology Makeup Crayon or Raww's Face Tint.

Stationary & Accessories

If you're looking to stay organised, Earth Greetings have some beautiful planners, journals and notes to write on. Pair with Eco Pen Club's Pens. They contain 50% less plastic than a conventional pen. A good phone cover, will help protect your phone from anything else that is roaming around in your bag. Choose between A Good Company or Pela's sustainable cases. 

Finally, you may just be looking for a bag to put all your uni essentials in. Matt & Nat have some gorgeous Backpacks in a range of colours. If you're more of a Shoulder Bag person, we have big sizes available too.

We hope these eco-friendly items where helpful for your back to uni checklist!

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