Visit The Highest Mountain In Taiwan — Virtually!

Aug 15, 2021by Olivia - F&F

Stuck in lockdown? Need a quick nature-fix? Good news! Yushan National Park is offering a virtual tour of Taiwan’s highest mountain, Yushan.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the park has released a series of stunning images, videos and brilliant audio recordings for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Yushan.

Sea of CloudsSea of Clouds

Yushan Is Taiwan’s Hiking Hotspot

Yushan, or Jade Mountain, climbs to an impressive 3,952m (12,966 ft) — which makes it Taiwan’s tallest mountain. It’s also, understandably, Taiwan’s most famous hiking hotspot. Prior to Covid-19 restrictions, hikers were able to choose from a single-day ascent or a two-day ascent. The single-day ascent involves 10-12 hours of hiking at a steep altitude, and beforehand, hikers must prove that they’ve already climbed a 3,000m+ peak somewhere else in the world. Sounds tough! 

Yushan National Park, more broadly, is highly valued for its pristine forests, picturesque sights, and abundance of different plants and animals. Hikers are tourists are often treated to an amazing sight, called the “sea of clouds”. This beautiful sight occurs when clouds and fog fill the valleys, and it literally looks like an ocean of fluffy, cloudy waves!

The Walami TrailThe Walami Trail

Explore The Nan’an’s Lakulaku Stream & Walami Trail

Recently, Yushan National Park released a series of amazing YouTube videos that show the park in all its beauty. We're speechless!

This video here has some fantastic drone footage of the mountains and shows the journey of a hiker around Yushan National Park. Seriously, if this video doesn’t inspire you to get outside in nature, we don’t know what will!

The Walami Trail, located at the base of Yushan mountain, is a trail full of greenery, waterfalls, lots of monkeys, plus an incredibly long suspension bridge that oversees a valley!

You can also check out some images — there are all sorts of plants, animals, mountains and historical sites.

Taiwanese Black BearTaiwanese Black Bear

See Yushan’s Amazing Wildlife

Interested in Yushan’s wildlife? Yusha National Park is home to many species that are endemic to Taiwan. The Taiwanese black bear, for example, is the only native bear on the island of Taiwan. It’s omnivorous — meaning that it eats plants, berries, shoots, roots, leaves and nuts, and occasionally the meat from goats.

Yushan National Park also contains many beautiful bird species, like the Emperor’s Pheasant and the Blue-bellied Pheasant. You can actually listen to the birdsong of these species on this page here — they call it “Yushan’s Bird Music”.

This fantastic 25-minute video shows Yushan’s wonderful biodiversity. It’s extremely beautiful and relaxing, and it definitely reminds us of David Attenborough documentaries!

Would you love to visit Yushan National Park one day? Even though we’re mostly stuck at home, we can still appreciate the natural wonders of the world. We love that Yushan National Park has uploaded so many images, videos and audio recordings for us to enjoy — from anywhere in the world!

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