Victory Gardens Are Making A Comeback

Jul 14, 2020by Justine - F&F

Victory gardens are making a comeback!

In the past couple of months, we’ve found ourselves stuck inside due to social distancing and many have taken on lots of fun home improvement projects like gardening! At the original location of F&F (Tom & Julie’s home) they’ve planted potatoes, carrots and lots of the regular veggies we’d normally get from the supermarket. Friends and families are finding space around the house and to grow a few things, save money and eat super fresh, home-grown produce. 


There’s something special about growing your own food and saying ‘this came from my garden’ when you bite into a delicious, flavourful and fresh salad. Gardens aren’t quite a ‘set it and forget it’ activity, but you will certainly enjoy the fruits of your labour. When supermarket shelves were bare back in March there was an uprise of home gardens which was reminiscent of ‘victory gardens’. Luckily food wasn't rationed like war times and we still had an abundance of produce available at supermarkets, but in times like these it does really make you appreciate where your food comes from. 



What are Victory Gardens and where did they get their name?

Victory gardens were introduced as positive propaganda during World War I and World War II as food as the time was rationed to be able to feed soldiers fighting in the war. As many were deployed, this meant there were fewer farmers to grow crops as well. 

Normal fruits and veggies weren’t available to the general population, so rather than wait until the wars ended, people began to clear space in their front and back yards for veggie patches. This also helped to reduce the stress on the food supply in Canada, The U.S., U.K. and even Australia. 

The name ‘Victory gardens’ comes from the sense of community building and working together to support each other through tough times and be victorious in helping fight the war off the battlefield. Having your own garden was crucial in helping build food security when resources were scarce. 

Claud R. Wickward, the secretary of agriculture in The U.S. during second World War said A Victory Garden is like a share in an airplane factory. It helps win the War and pays dividends too.”



Grow year-round in Australia! 

Fortunately, we're not fighting a war, but many are experiencing uncertain times with restrictions returning, so it's important to stay positive and do something that you will see a return on. So get your hands on some seeds, clear some space in your yard and get planting!

Australia is lucky to be able to grow many different things year-round, which means we can eat locally grown produce more often! As Australia is diverse in temperatures and land, you’ll need to do a little research on what will grow best in your region depending on the season. 



Gardening is fun for the whole family! 

Not only are gardens lots of fun for the whole family to work on, but they also save you lots of money and time going to the supermarket. If you've got fussy kids, it's also a great way to give them an appreciation for their food and take interest in what they're eating. 

Have you started growing your own fruits and veggies for the first time? 

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