Unique Reusable Products To Help You Cut Down On Waste!

Jan 27, 2023by Gabby - F&F

We are thrilled to be stocking LastObject's range of reusable products. These products are items you would generally use day-day, so you can just imagine how much waste you'll be saving from going to landfill. 

Find out about how these unique ideas came to life, how to use them and how they're better for the planet!

LastObject LastTissue GreenLastObject LastTissue Green

Image: Instagram / @lastobject

Reusable Tissues

Who knew tissues could be reusable? We've seen handkerchief's, but this idea is next level! It's fair to say, they work pretty similar to a handkerchief, but with their high quality look, feel and touch, it's hard not to love them that bit more!

As you can imagine, tissues are a huge environmental problem. Just think about hay-fever season, let alone every other day of the year. The manufacturing process is a real culprit of environmental damage with trees being cut down, water and energy being used, and bleaches and chemicals being involved in the making of the tissues. Nasty! With LastObject's 'Last Tissue' you'll be reducing CO2 use by 86%, water consumption by 68%, land use by 87%, and primary energy demand by 80%. How great is that? What's more is that just one pack of these tissues, replaces +3100 single-use tissues and is 8.2x better for the planet than single use tissues!

So what else is to love about these tissues? Firstly they are super practical for on-the go! The tissues come in a small and portable case, that's made with high-quality silicone, and a hygienic barrier that separates used and clean tissues. The tissues themselves are made from a thick, tightly woven cotton that absorbs well without getting damp. They are soft and gentle on the nose, so if you're someone who suffers from a red nose and is sensitive to scratchy tissues, this alone is enough for you to want to make the switch.

Makeup RoundsMakeup Rounds

Image: Instagram / @lastobject

Makeup Rounds

You've probably seen our Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, but new to F&F are LastObject's Makeup Rounds. These rounds, are made from a shape-shifting fabric that feels just like regular cotton round wipes when wet. This also makes them fluff-free! They have a 50% larger surface compared to regular makeup pads, and they fit perfectly in your hand. 

These Makeup Rounds come in a case of 7 and replace over 1,750 single-use rounds! They can be reused 250 times each, making them 24x better for the environment. Did we mention the rounds are completely compostable? How great is that! When it's time to buy new, you can simply buy the Refills Pack to save on any additional waste. 

These pads can also double up as a nail polish pad remover. We love multi-purposed products! When it's time to wash your rounds, you can pop them in a Laundry Bag and straight into the wash, ready to be reused. Simple!

LastObject LastSwab Original PeachLastObject LastSwab Original Peach

Image: Instagram / @lastobject

Reusable Swabs

Whilst we know Bamboo Cotton Buds are compostable and good for the planet, another cool option (thanks to LastObject) are Reusable Swabs. So how are they better than plastic swabs? LastSwab is not just another piece of plastic and two balls. The rod is made of glass fiber and polypropylene, a plastic that requires much less energy when manufactured and produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions vs other plastics. The tips are medical grade TPE and the case is made from ocean bound plastic.

One LastSwab replaces +1000 single-use cotton swabs. Making the switch to these swabs, helps you reduce your CO2 footprint by 83% and is 8.3x better for the planet. With the case included, it’s convenient to store or bring your swabs along with you when travelling — they take up no space at all. To reuse your swab, use soap and water to clean. It just takes two seconds per tip. No biggie, right?

We absolutelty love seeing brands come to life, through simply having good intentions to help improve the world. The Founder of LastObject, Isabel, was frustrated by all the single-use products out there and wanted to design innovative solutions to these issues. Isabel has defintely done this, so if you're ready to give up wasteful habits and make a lasting positive impact on the planet, make sure to shop these Reusable Products today!

Also, did we mention each different colour used on LastObject's products, represent different species that are endangered due to deforestation? We love that they have doubled doing something good, with an awareness piece too. 

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