Turn Food Waste Into Compost In a Few Hours With Pela's New Lomi

Apr 28, 2021by Justine - F&F

Well, the geniuses (or engineers and material scientists) at Pela have done it again! They've come up with a revolutionary new product that we know you'll love. We think most of you reading this have heard of composting before, probably because we shout from the roofs tops about it. In any case, we have an inkling you read our blog to be inspired to change our world and future for the better. That's exactly what we think Lomi will do. 

Lomi's been a top-secret project that Pela has been working on for 3 years, sneaky buggers! It's finally here to change the world and tackle our massive food waste problem. If you want to get yourself a Lomi, read on! 

What is Lomi? What is Lomi? 

What is Lomi? 

Lomi is essentially a device that fast tracks the production of compost. If you already have a compost bin, you know that food waste takes time to break down into good compost that you can mix with soil and feed to your plants and vegetable patch. Lomi expedites the process in a matter of hours by the click of a button!

Ever since Pela started, the company’s vision has been to create a waste-free future, and their mission has been to prevent 1 Billion pounds of plastic from ever entering the waste stream. Pela knew that creating the world’s first compostable phone case was just the beginning. Lomi’s potential to reduce every households’ waste by up to 50% is the scale of positive impact that Pela is working towards.

How Does Lomi Work?How Does Lomi Work?

How Does Lomi Work? 

Simply pop food waste and anything compostable like compostable packaging, utensils, etc in your Lomi and press the start button to start breaking it down into nutrient-rich soil. 

So how does it really work and what's going on inside my Lomi?

Lomi uses heat, abrasion, and oxygen to speed up the breakdown of organic waste into smaller fragments - similar to how earthworms break down and mix plant tissue into soil, except Lomi does this without the smell and mess! Fragmented waste provides more surface area for microbes to accelerate the composting process. The end result is a natural source of soil nutrients that increase the organic content of soil, helping boost plant growth and soil enrichment. Pretty neat, right? 

Where Can I Get A Lomi?Where Can I Get A Lomi?

Where Can I Get A Lomi? 

As much as we'd love to be able to offer you Lomi on our website (and we're trying), Lomi is exclusively available through Pela at the moment and shipping to the USA and Canada starting in December 2021, and to the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong starting September 2022. You can preorder your Lomi here

We're excited to hopefully have the Lomi on shelves or kitchen bench someday and we hope you are too! We really think this could change the way people think about food waste and composting. Make sure to follow their journey on Instagram


If you'd like to start composting and can't wait for the Lomi to come out, we have lots of great composting options here at F&F and heaps of blogs we'll link below. 

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