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Jun 03, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Here at F&F we love sharing our eco tips! Eco tips are great because they can help make things a bit easier. Generally, they also allow you to utilise some products you may already have laying around at home.

So without further or do, here are 5 eco tips you can incorporate into your day-day life that are better for the environment and simply easy to do!

DIY Towel SoftenerDIY Towel Softener

DIY Eco-Tip: Make Your Towels Soft Again With This Laundry Hack!

Wash them separately with...

Once washed, hang your towels outside to air dry and this should help bring some bounce and softness back into your towels! 

Homemade Natural Dust Repellent SprayHomemade Natural Dust Repellent Spray

DIY Eco-Tip: Homemade Natural Dust Repellent Spray!

Mix together the following ingredients in a spray bottle:

Once mixed, spray onto a cloth and wipe! This will help keep dust away for longer!

Prepare Your Metal Cans For RecyclingPrepare Your Metal Cans For Recycling

DIY Eco-Tip: Prepare Your Metal Cans For Recycling! ⁣

There's no doubt we all have a few cans laying around in our cupboards. So it's great that they can be recycled!

To recycle:

  1. Clean the can and lid, then place the lid inside the can and squeeze shut. This is so any recycling handlers don't cut themselves on the sharp lid!
  2. Remove the label, as paper and metal are separated at the recycling centres. Now you're ready to recycle your metal can! ⁣

Note: You can always use captured rain water or the water after you finish washing the dishes. Check with your local council to see if this is right for you! 

Easily Remove Label Residue Off Jars To Repurpose ThemEasily Remove Label Residue Off Jars To Repurpose Them

Eco-Tip: Easily Remove Label Residue Off Jars To Repurpose Them ⁣

If you love to repurpose jars of pasta sauce, peanut butter, or anything, here is how to easily remove that sticky residue! 

  1. Boil the kettle and pour the water into a heat-safe container that can fit the jar.
  2. Add some Dish Soap and let the jar soak for 30 minutes.
  3. Carefully remove the jar and scrub the label off. The soap should make it super easy to remove.
  4. All done and happy storing! 
Create An "Eat Me First" Box For Your Fridge To Reduce Food Waste Create An "Eat Me First" Box For Your Fridge To Reduce Food Waste

DIY Eco-Tip: Create An "Eat Me First" Box For Your Fridge To Reduce Food Waste

A great way to reduce your food waste, is by putting food that is about to go past its 'best before' date in the box. Knowing what goes off first can save food waste and also your wallet! 

Did you know that Australian families throw away roughly $1,000 of food every year! That's huge! We try to use what's in the box before we touch anything else! 

We hope you picked up some great DIY tips, you can incoporate into your home. As always we'd love to hear your eco tips too! 

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