This Zero-Emission ‘Flying’ Electric Boat Offers Faster Commuting Than The Metro!

Apr 08, 2023by Olivia Harper - F&F

Swedish marine technology company Candela is set to begin service of the world’s fastest, fully electric, flying ferry in Sweden’s capital Stockholm this year! Keep reading to find out more about this extraordinary innovation.

Fast & Sustainable, This Fully Electric Boat Is Set To Operate This Year!

This new vehicle is called the P-12 Shuttle by Candela, with operating speeds of up to 30 knots, whilst producing zero CO2 emissions, it is currently the world's fastest zero-emissions boat!

The flying electric boat rides on hydrofoils that extend from underneath, lifting the boat out of the water and helping it consume considerably less energy than typical boats. The reduced drag of hydrofoils also allows much higher speeds, helping the boat fly up to 30 knots (34 mph or 55 km/h), which makes it the fastest electric ship in the world!

The 12-meter catamaran is designed to carry 30 passengers and will operate its first route between the Stockholm city centre and the suburb of Ekerö this year.

Image: Candela

Candela’s Mission For Cleaner Oceans & Lakes

Candela’s ultimate purpose is to speed up the transition to fossil fuel-free lakes and oceans. Did you know that a traditional 7.5m petrol boat consumes about 15x more fuel than a family car, leaving a heavy footprint on our planet?!

Multiply that number with the amount of ships and boats in oceans worldwide and it’s easy to see that the concept of traditional combustion engine boats is simply not sustainable… Their vision for the P-12 Shuttle is to radically push the performance boundaries of electric boats and ships, with a mission to outperform fossil fuel competitors.

The watercraft has reduced energy usage per passenger kilometre by 95% compared to current commercial ferries — wow!

The New, Most Time-Efficient Way To Move Around.

That current route between the Stockholm city centre and the suburb of Ekerö currently takes around 55 minutes by subway, bus, or diesel ferry (and the same by car during morning and evening rush hour), but will take around 25 minutes on Candela’s P-12 Shuttle, saving commuters nearly an hour per day!

Erik Eklund, Vice President of Commercial Vessels at Candela, said: “There’s no other ship that has this kind of active electronic stabilisation. Flying aboard the P-12 Shuttle in rough seas will feel more like being on a modern express train than on a boat: it’s quiet, smooth and stable.”

Image: Candela

The Candela P-12 shuttle will undergo a 9-month trial this year. If successful, there is hope that it will replace Stockholm's entire fleet of over 70 diesel boats, making the waterways more accessible and emission-free!

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