These 3 F&F Brands Won Gold At The 2021 Clean + Conscious Awards!

Feb 11, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Out of 150+ brands, we’re thrilled to announce that three much-loved brands here at Flora & Fauna have won the 2021 Clean + Conscious Social Responsibility Awards!

Clean And Conscious Awards 2021Clean And Conscious Awards 2021

What Are The Clean + Conscious Awards?

For the past 3 years, an expert panel of Australian eco-leaders have celebrated the best non-toxic, responsible, ethical and sustainable products through the Clean + Conscious Awards! 

The Clean + Conscious Social Responsibility Awards recognise exceptional brands that work in the best interests of the health of our planet and society as a whole. These businesses not only create safe, ethical and sustainable products, they also give back to society and pave the way for other businesses to do the same. They’ve proven that they’re the best of the best — so they deserve to be celebrated! 

“Since the inception of the Awards back in 2019, we have noticed more brands working hard to produce better products,” says Clean + Conscious founder, Emily Fletcher.

Clean And Conscious Award Winners 2021Clean And Conscious Award Winners 2021

The 2021 Clean + Conscious Social Responsibility Award Winners

There are just eight categories in the Clean + Conscious Social Responsibility Awards. Out of 150+ brands that entered the awards, we’re so proud that three of our very own brands here at Flora & Fauna have won Gold! 

Modibodi — Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Fashion category. 

Loving Earth — Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Food + Nutrition category.

Weleda — Winner of the Social Responsibility Award in the Baby category. 

Modibodi Ethical Fashion Clean And Conscious AwardsModibodi Ethical Fashion Clean And Conscious Awards

Modibodi | Winner In The Fashion Category

The idea behind Modibodi began in 2013 when mum-of-four Kirsty Chong experienced light bladder leakage when she was exercising. Fast forward to 2021, and Modibodi is one of Australia’s leading period underwear brands, which we’re extremely proud to stock at Flora & Fauna.

According to Clean + Conscious, Modibodi has donated more than 27,000 pairs of underwear to help people in developing nations, school children, the homeless, asylum seekers, victims of family violence, frontline workers and more.

Modibodi’s machine-washable, ultra-absorbent, moisture-wicking underwear can assist you in any stage of life! They can replace tampons, pads, and liners, absorb any light bladder leakage and postnatal bleeding.

Loving Earth Vegan Chocolate Clean And Conscious AwardsLoving Earth Vegan Chocolate Clean And Conscious Awards

Loving Earth | Winner In The Food + Nutrition Category

Loving Earth’s name isn’t just for show — their conscious efforts to protect the planet and make a positive impact on society are extraordinary. Perhaps that’s why their range of vegan chocolate is extra delicious! 

There are so many reasons why Loving Earth won the Social Responsibility Award. In short, Loving Earth works closely with the Ashaninka community in Peru, the Twin Lakes mob in The Kimberley, and coconut farmers in Indonesia to add more value to their work and increase the revenue they generate for their families. Loving Earth’s ingredients are grown responsibly to restore native ecosystems, prevent erosion and support water conservation — plus, they’re produced without synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides/herbicides.

Weleda Clean And Conscious AwardsWeleda Clean And Conscious Awards

Weleda | Winner In The Baby Category

Did you know that Weleda began in 1921 as a medicinal plant garden? Today, Weleda is a world-leading manufacturer of holistic, natural skincare products for the young and old. As well as being a Certified B Corp, Weleda’s wide range of personal care products are certified natural by a strict criteria.

According to Clean + Conscious, Weleda has over 50 cultivation partners (fair trade partnerships) located all over the world with whom they work actively to address specific difficulties in country areas by funding education and facilities. 

In addition to winning the Social Responsibility Award, several of Weleda’s products won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the Clean + Conscious Baby Category — like the Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash!

We’re so proud to partner with a handful of these socially-conscious, eco-friendly brands that truly make our world a better place! These winning brands are responsible for creating some of the best products currently available on the market — but they’re also promoting environmental conservation, supporting communities in Australia and abroad, ensuring fair and transparent supply chains, and leaving out the nasty chemicals that aren’t good for us. 

You can check out our Eco Style, Food & Health and Baby categories to discover more wonderful, planet-friendly brands. 

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