Terrific Thrifting Tips For Smart Shopping, Repurposing & Reusing

Apr 18, 2023by Olivia Harper - F&F

If you love thrifting just as much as we do, here are our best thrifting tips for shopping more sustainably, reusing what’s old, reducing the waste, and how to recycle what’s already there!

How Can You Tell If Something Is High Quality?

When it comes to identifying high-quality clothing, a good rule of thumb is to look for natural fabrics like wool, cotton, leather, and silk. They tend to indicate higher quality compared to synthetic blends, which are usually cheaper and of less value. Once you've gotten the hang of identifying fabrics just by the look and feel of the clothing item, you'll be able to quickly pick out the high-quality items from a rack of clothing.

Another tip for determining quality is to check if the tag is woven or printed. Woven tags, which use thread to create writing, usually indicate a high-quality piece. Don't forget to examine the workmanship, stitching, seams, patterns, and finishings, as they all reveal an item's quality!

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How Can Items Be Reused & Repurposed Creatively?

Repurposing and upcycling is a great budget-friendly option for adding new looks to your clothing collection that provides many environmental benefits like recycling. All it takes is just a little time exploring thrift stores and a dash of creativity and crafting.

There are countless creative ways to reuse and repurpose thrifted items. For instance, you can use old sweaters to make cozy blankets or pillows. You can turn old suitcases into unique storage containers or coffee tables. Denim jeans can be repurposed into a cute pair of shorts. Thrifted plates, cups, and bowls can be used to create a charming mismatched set for afternoon tea. With a little imagination, the possibilities for repurposing thrifted items are truly endless.

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What’s The Best Time Of Year To Shop For Bargains?

During changes of season, many people like to declutter their homes and make room for the new season. This is especially true for colder months, like autumn and winter, when people need to make space for seasonal clothing and gear. Spring is also a popular time to declutter, as people prepare for the warmer months ahead. These times of year are some of the best times to go thrifting!

The holiday season is another where people tend to declutter. With new gifts and purchases coming in during the holiday season, it's common to make room by letting go of off-season possessions. This creates a wave of donations to thrift stores, which is perfect for bargain hunters looking for deals!

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Thrifting is not only a practical way to save money and reduce waste, it can be a fulfilling hobby that supports sustainability and local communities. It’s also a fun and rewarding experience that allows you to discover unique and interesting pieces they may not have found otherwise!

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