Crystal Deodorants Explained

Sep 16, 2015by Julie - F&F

One of the most important things you can do when changing your skincare and lifestyle routine is to switch your deodorant from the traditional variety to a natural deodorant. This article focuses on crystal deodorants and how to use them.

Why Crystal?

Crystal Deodorants are all-natural and aim to neutralise the bacteria on the skin which causes odour and that nasty BO smell. Note they are not antiperspirant, they leave a thin mineral layer on the skin to help form a barrier to the odour and neutralise it. Mineral salts are a natural element that your body is accustomed to processing and rarely causes any type of allergic reaction. Crystal Deodorants don't leave a residue, don't stain your clothes and are mostly unscented. Crystal deodorants can last a long time and one stick could last you a year so they are very cost-effective. And, very importantly they are not tested on animals so are completely cruelty-free!

  • All-natural, no nasty chemicals
  • Work by neutralising the bacteria on the skin
  • No residue and no staining
  • No animal testing
  • They last a long time


How To Use Crystal Deodorant

Crystal deodorants need water to apply the mineral to the skin and there are a few ways you can do this. You could apply the crystal straight after showering when you are still wet. You could also put a couple of drops of water on the crystal and apply to the skin. This leaves a thin mineral layer on the skin which helps neutralise odour. Some people suggest you need to rub the crystal on your skin until it rubs dry so the salts are left behind. We suggest you try it and find what works for you. 

  • Apply when your body is wet after showering
  • Or put some water on the crystal and apply
  • Some suggest rubbing the crystal over your skin constantly until it is dry and the minerals are left behind
  • Yes you can apply it to other parts of the body, not just under your arms


Other Tips For Crystal Deodorants

  • Your body is excreting waste so whatever goes in has to come out. If you want to minimise the smell eat clean which will really help. If you are constantly eating processed fast food it isn't going to smell great on the way out!
  • Give your body time. Your body has to get used to not having traditional deodorants and it takes time so don't give up in the first week. 
  • Have natural perfume by your desk, or in your bag, to spritz yourself during the day - believe me this will help. 
  • Have some wipes at work with you if you want to freshen up, particularly whilst your body is in transition.
  • Stick with it as this is one of the most important treats you can give your body. 

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