"Swan Man" Saves Swan Eggs From Floods & Foxes!

Jun 06, 2021by Olivia - F&F

We love a good news story here at F&F, and this one is bound to warm your heart!

Rob Adamson the Swan ManRob Adamson the Swan Man

Rob Adamson, the “Swan Man”! 

A local man (we’d call him a local hero) from St Ives, Cambridgeshire, has watched over the swans at the Jones Boatyard for over a decade. Rob Adamson, fondly known as the “Swan Man”, lives and works at the boatyard, so he keeps a close eye on the local flora and fauna. 

Over the years, he noticed a particularly unlucky pair of swans. Year after year, these swans attempted to hatch and raise their babies — but mother nature was unkind. Either the eggs were swept away by floods or eaten by pesky foxes. 

When the floodwaters started to rise one evening — threatening the poor swan’s eggs — Rob decided to do something about it.

Saved Swan EggsSaved Swan Eggs

How Mr Adamson Saved The Swan Eggs!

“She is the unluckiest swan; I needed to make sure they survived. You're not supposed to interfere, but it had got to the point where they were all going to die,” Mr Adamson told BBC.

"I knew I would regret it if I didn't do anything to save them,” he said. So, in the dark, he managed to build a makeshift raft to transfer the entire nest to safety! This included the poor mother swan and her nine eggs. 

It’s a pretty amazing feat, considering that the water was rising dangerously high. Hoisting the entire nest, the swan and the eggs onto a floatation device must have been difficult — in the middle of the night, no less!  According to Mr Adamson, neither the mother nor father swan attacked him. “I think they knew it was their best chance," he said.

Swan NestSwan Nest

How The Locals Reacted

His actions were commended by the Jones Boatyard via Facebook. A lovely post on May 17th included photos of the swan and her eggs.

“It took us all by surprise when the water levels in the lower marina shot up on Saturday night,” the post says. 

“A HUGE thank you to Rob who noticed at that the water was lapping around the swans nest at 9pm. If only the Queen knew what great service he was doing for her feathered friends!”

 Rob’s Dedication To Local Wildlife

Apparently, most of the swan eggs have hatched since the incident — all thanks to Rob’s intervention. It’s not the first time he’s helped out local wildlife. Previously, he’d build a fox fence to protect local swan eggs. Plus, a few years back, he raised a cygnet (young swan) called Sidney.

"After Sid, I've got a special place in my heart for swans and I have been watching this pair fail for the last 10 years. This is why I am here, living on the water. I'm in dreamland with all the wildlife," he said. "I wouldn't swap my boat for a £10m house."

We think this is such a wonderful, heartwarming story! Our local wildlife should always be cherished and protected — but if you see an injured or struggling animal, it’s best to ring your local wildlife rescue service. They’ll have the experience and equipment required to help the animal and ensure its safety. 

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