Squad - The World’s First Solar City Car

Jan 23, 2023by Olivia Harper - F&F

A relatively inexpensive solar-powered car that’s about the size of a golf cart is coming to the United States! Let’s check it out.

Squad Mobility Solar Car FoundersSquad Mobility Solar Car Founders

Image: Squad Mobility

This Electric Car Is Powered By Sunshine! 

A new solar-powered electric car has been developed and is soon launching in the US, and it starts at $6,250! This car was developed by Squad Mobility, a Dutch startup founded by Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok. In addition to solar car expertise, the forty combined years of experience from the co-founders include knowledge of scooters, motorcycles, Formula E, and even flying cars!

Squad Mobility is on a mission to make clean urban mobility available for everyone worldwide. The small but spacious two-seater vehicle is designed to be lightweight and efficient. With its small wheels, it doesn’t take much to move it around, resulting in the relatively small solar panel on top with up to 31 km of range on a sunny day — how awesome is that?!

Squad Mobility Solar Car PanelsSquad Mobility Solar Car Panels

Image: Squad Mobility

This Discovery Helps Fill The Data Gap

In the US, what Squad Mobility is calling “the world’s first solar city car” will be considered an LSV (low-speed vehicle) – much like a golf cart, even though it is more capable than that. Squad says that this car is “a solution for urban emissions and congestion, designed for sharing platforms and private use. Easy like a moped with the comfort and security of a car.”

One feature in particular that makes this car super convenient is that it automatically charges its batteries with solar energy from the solar panel on its own roof. The charging creates zero emissions, is free, silent, and wireless. It can charge all day and every day throughout its life cycle, when driving and even when parked!

Squad Mobility Solar Car DrivingSquad Mobility Solar Car Driving

Image: Squad Mobility

This Vehicle Can Also Work In Cloudy Or Dark Conditions Despite Being A Solar-Car! 

But how would this car work in cloudy conditions? Squad says that the solar panel can charge up to 20 km per day in Europe, and the average microcar usage is around 12 km per day. The vehicle is powered by electric motors and batteries so it also works in the night, in winter or indoors! When extra range is needed, the portable batteries can be charged directly from a normal power socket.

Squad Mobility is aiming to soon bridge the gap between passenger EVs and electric two-wheelers. The solar car is categorized as an L6e vehicle in the EU, which generally only requires a moped license. Due to its classification, drivers can be as young as 14, 15, or 16, depending on which country they are driving in!

What are your thoughts on the Squad solar electric city car? It looks awesome to drive around cities but also for beach and senior communities too. We would also love to see one of these on the golf course! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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