Recycled Razors made out of Yogurt Cups

Jun 01, 2016by Julie - F&F

Recycled toothbrushes and razors made out of yogurt cups; we love them and they work! Read more about them in this blog.

At Flora & Fauna we are 100% focused on our environment with recycled packaging, a love of nature, a passion for small business and a desire to find ethical alternatives to things we use everyday. 

We discovered Preserve toothbrushes on a trip to Canada and had to bring them to Flora & Fauna. Preserve is a US company that makes environmentally friendly, recycled products including toothbrushes, shavers and tongue cleaners amongst other things.  Their aim is to reuse what we have on the planet and minimise the waste we put in landfill. At Flora & Fauna we love this way of looking at the world! Go Preserve!


Our Recycling Scheme

You might be thinking what happens to the toothbrushes and razors once you've finished with them. Well we'd love you to send them back to us at Flora & Fauna. We will then send them back to Preserve so they can be recycled again and we keep these yogurt cups moving. Simply pop them in an envelope and return them to the address at the bottom of our website and we'll sort it from there. 

And, not only are they ethically fantastic, they also work. The razor gets to all the bits it needs to and the Triple razor comes with two replacement heads. The Shave 5 razor has 5 blades for a close shave and is perfect for men and women.  They are designed to be easy to use. The toothbrushes are also designed to get to all your teeth and come in ultra soft, soft and medium. Medium is quite hard so if you want a harder toothbrush this is the one. 

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