What's this about Menstrual Cups?

May 30, 2016by Julie - F&F

For a while you've been asking for ethical, environmentally friendly alternatives for managing our monthly cycle. Enter JuJu menstrual cups. 

They have been designed to work and do; the feedback is phenomenal. It would seem once you try you're a convert. No more rushing to the pharmacy or supermarket because you're out of pads or tampons and no more unnecessary waste. 

JuJu is perfect for women on the go and active women; don't let sport stop you. 

JuJu come in two sizes and it is a flexible silicone cup that you fold, insert into the vagina whereupon it creates a seal and captures your menstrual fluid. You rinse and clean between uses but it can be used for up to 12 hours. 

The size is important and there is a smaller size for pre childbirth and a larger size for post childbirth. Having said that if you are of a smaller or larger frame or if you have very strong pelvic muscles that will impact the size you choose. 

My sister has used one (not this brand) for 10 years and won't use anything else. She's also a flight attendant so constantly on the go coping with different air pressures so it really does get put to the test!


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