Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020

Nov 05, 2020by Gabby - F&F

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to end the year with some family and friend fun than by organising a secret santa!


What is Secret Santa? 

Secret Santa, also known as Kris Kringle, is a Western Christmas tradition, where a person gives a Christmas gift to another person within a set group, as part of a gift exchange. The purpose of Secret Santa is to make Christmas shopping a little bit easier, by only having to shop for one person. It provides the opportunity to spread the Christmas spirit and give to those you might not have on your Christmas list. Think cousins, in-laws and others you don't normally buy for. It’s also a great way to save money as everyone knows Christmas can get pretty expensive. This way your group can agree on a set price, so everyone spends the same fair amount on each other, no more and no less. 

Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020 Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020

Generally, the rules for Secret Santa are:

  1. Write down the names of everyone taking part in Secret Santa on a piece of paper and place them in a hat. There is also many easy Secret Santa generators like Elfster that you use if you're doing a virtual event this year. 

  2. Each person draws a name from the hat to determine who they are buying for or receives an email with the name. 

  3. As a group, you then decide on a date to exchange secret santa presents.

  4. Sometimes groups decide to make a wishlist, to again make it that bit easier to shop for. This involves everyone writing 2-3 presents they would like to receive on a piece of paper or in an email or group chat. 

  5. Finally, the secret santa gift exchange! Everyone gathers around a living room with the gifts and finds their name on boxes or bags. If you're doing a virtual event, make sure you give yourself lots of time for your gift to arrive to the receiver. 

    *The most important rule of secret santa is that the identity of the gift giver remains a secret and is not revealed until the day of the secret santa celebration, hence the name ‘secret’ santa. 

Keeping your santa identity secret definitely adds to the fun as many people try guessing who might have them. In the end everyone gets a massive surprise and finds out who had who. 

Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020 Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020

Secret Santa Steal Edition

To throw a spanner in the works, some groups decide to do a Secret Santa, ‘steal’ edition. This simply means that a person from your group can steal the present you received from your Secret Santa. 

The following rules then apply:

  1. Once a present is stolen, you can then steal another person’s gift or open a wrapped one.

  2. A steal can only happen once during a turn (a turn ends when an unopened gift opens). For example, if a gift is stolen from round one, it can’t be stolen back until a later round, if still in a position to select a gift. It also can’t be stolen back immediately from the player who just stole it.

  3. Once a gift has had 3 ‘owners,’ that gift is kept and can’t be stolen again. Make sure you keep track! 

  4. The gift exchange ends after the last wrapped gift has been opened. 

After the last turn, the first person (since they didn't get a chance at the beginning) can put back the gift and steal a gift according to the rules, starting the gift exchange process again. 

Either way, your group decides to play, we’ve crafted together some amazing gift ideas that are perfect for all budgets.

Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020 Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020

$10 Secret Santa Gifts

Vegan Chocolate!Vegan Chocolate!

For The Sweet Tooths

We have a gorgeous chocolate range from Treat Dreams, Vego, Pana Chocolate, Loving Earth, The Chocolate Yogi and Go Max Candy Bars that any chocolate lover will appreciate. 

Dearest Lips Lip BalmDearest Lips Lip Balm

For Perfectly Smooth And Moist Lips

We have an amazing range of lip balms that will help nourish your luscious lips all summer longer. These include: Hurraw, Happy Skincare, The Physic Garden, Butt Naked, P’ure Papyacare, The Jojoba Company, Dearest lips, Botani, Hanami, Benecos, Sukin Paw Paw Ointment and Fruu.. 

For The Tea Lovers

English Tea Shop delivers on a wide range of delicious flavours and contains 20 bags of yummy tea in each box. 

Love Tea is an Aussie brand from Melbourne, created by Emma, a naturopath. Their large range of teas includes various ingredients to address your inner health. 

La Mav has just launched their own tea range to be used in conjunction with their skincare range. 

BBBYO tea flasks have just arrived at F&F and what a better way to enjoy your delicious teas! 

Love Tea Skin Glow and Green TeaLove Tea Skin Glow and Green Tea

Acure Firming Gold Foil MaskAcure Firming Gold Foil Mask

For Those Who Want Some Luxury Spa Treatment

Some DIY face masks from Acure or Buddy Scrub Face Mask are the perfect relaxing face treatments for happy and glowing skin. 

Ethique MinisEthique Minis

Looking for something small to add? 

If you’re looking for the perfect little addition to a present, look no further than our Ethique Minis, ranging from $5-$7 with so many shampoos, conditioner’s, body and face cleansers to choose from. 

Peanut Butter Smoothie @bakeateasyPeanut Butter Smoothie @bakeateasy

For The Smoothie Lovers

Our Green + Kind Coconut Bowls and Reusable Metal Straws are the perfect fashionable statements for eating your favourite foods out of and sipping up your fav drinks. 

We've got lots of yummy ingredients for smoothies like our Smoothie Bombs for just over $10. 


Secret Santa Gifts between $20-$25

Never Asked For But Always Needed

Does your secret santa player need some new underwear, boxers, bras, socks, tank tops or t-shirts? Boody has you covered, with its comfortable basics that have less impact on the environment. Our deodorants from WooHoo! Ethique, Black Chicken, LaVanila, Noosa Basics (deodorant paste and sticks) and Good + Clean are also too divine to miss out on.


Boody Full RangeBoody Full Range

Body ScrubsBody Scrubs

Body Scrubs

If your secret santa player is looking for an exfoliate that smells delicious, draws out toxins and nourishes their skin naturally, then the following listed are the way to go. Buddy Scrub Body Scrub, Butt Naked Body Scrubs, Bean Body Coffee Scrubs, Noosa Basics Body Scrub, Cedar and Stone Body Scrub.

Hanami Nail Polish @betina_goldsteinHanami Nail Polish @betina_goldstein

For Nail Care

We have everything you need to give yourself the mani-pedi salon experience all from the comfort of your own home. RAWW Nail Polish, Kester Nail Polish, Sienna Nail Polish, Hanami Nail Polish, Ere Perez Nail Colour all come in amazing shades and colours. 


Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

Eco Tan Hempitan Body Tan WaterEco Tan Hempitan Body Tan Water

For Those Wanting A Sun Tanned Look

Eco Tan has a range of gorgeous tanning products, to give your skin that natural and glowing suntan look. This is the perfect gift for looking golden as we are entering summer.

Sow n Sow Flower PressSow n Sow Flower Press

For Those Who Like To Get Creative

Sow n Sow Mini Flower Press is perfect for preserving special floral memories, crafting and decorating. Sow n Sow also have an amazing range of seeded gift cards. Perfect for those green thumbs you know!

The ANSC Shaving PackThe ANSC Shaving Pack

For All Your Shaving Needs

The ANSC Shaving Pack/ Beard Pack are great gift ideas that include shaving soap and aftershave/ beard oil. If you’re not looking for a pack, Green + Kind Reusable Safety Razor are also great options that can be paired with Dr Bronner’s Shaving Soaps and the ANSC Shaving soap.

Mojo Reclaimed Wine Bottle Candle - Watermelon LemonadeMojo Reclaimed Wine Bottle Candle - Watermelon Lemonade

For The Candle Lovers

Dress up your home and be spoilt with choice when choosing one of these sleek candles from Mojo Wine and Beer Bottle Candles, Ecoya, Maison Blanche, Soy Candle Kakadu. They all produce beautiful scents and have the ability to transform the space in your home with its oriental aromas. 

Wheatbag Love BanksiaWheatbag Love Banksia

For The Ultimate Relaxation

After all the stress of Christmas shopping the Eco. Relax & Unwind Essential Oils Trio (lavender, sleep and calm and destress blends) is a great gift, as is a Wheatbag Relax Gift Pack, which contains a lavender-scented eye pillow and a 50ml rose quartz bath oil, perfect to relax. 

When all else fails

To help make your decisions even easier and time-efficient, you can always purchase a Flora and Fauna Gift Voucher and let your secret Santa player choose their gift! 

Whether you're doing a socially distanced or an online/virtual Secret Santa, we’ve got you covered with some awesome gifts.  

Shop all Christmas Gifts online now at Flora & Fauna.

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