‘Reforest’ App Users Have Removed 100,000kg Of CO2 From The Atmosphere

Dec 10, 2021by Olivia - F&F

What if every purchase could restore the planet, instead of damaging it? This is the guiding question behind ‘Reforest’ — an Aussie app that enables users to reforest the CO2 from purchases from over 125 different businesses in Australia!

Reforest App Hits Massive Milestone!

Imagine if you could watch trees grow in the palm of your hand? The team at Reforest believe that you should be able to see your positive impact, and we couldn’t agree more. In around two years, Reforest app users have removed 100,000kg of CO2 from the atmosphere via local reforestation projects!

The Reforest app enables you to measure your own carbon footprint; plant trees in local reforestation projects that will create new habitat for threatened species; see how much CO2 your trees are removing; track the CO2 emitted by any purchase you make; ask retailers to match your carbon offsets, and watch your forest grow! “It’s something tangible that you can show to others,” said Daniel Walsh, Founder of Reforest.

Aviation Emissions Carbon OffsetAviation Emissions Carbon Offset

Here’s The Problem With Most Carbon Offset Programs...

Most carbon offset programs — don’t engage you, the consumer. Despite 81% of Australians being concerned about climate change, only around 1-2% of people buy offsets when offered. This is pretty apparent when we look at QANTAS and Virgin Australia’s carbon offset options — between 2015-2018, only 1% of flyers opted to offset the emissions from their flight. 

So, why aren’t consumers getting on board? Well, the problem is that we don't really know what carbon offsets are, what their real-world impact is, or where these projects are located. It’s generally a one-off purchase with no follow-up information, and there’s no guarantee that the reforesting projects will be protected long-term. Plus, we have to pay extra when the airline company, for example, is the one creating the emissions.

Reforest AppReforest App

How Is Reforest Different To Other Carbon Offset Programs?

The team know that consumers want a tangible and visible solution, and with Reforest, you’ll receive updates on when your trees are planted and how they support native wildlife.

To further empower you, as a consumer, you can directly invite your retailer to match the number of trees that you’ve planted. If your retailer agrees, each purchase you make and Reforest with them will remove double the CO2 emissions created! Plus, you can choose where your trees are planted.

“Reforest is a way for everyday people, to lead change. We can use those trees as a signal to retailers to say — ‘hey, look at the action I’m taking. I want my purchases with you to be restorative, not damaging — I want them to be good for the planet,’” said Daniel Walsh.

Australian Forest Carbon SinkAustralian Forest Carbon Sink

Why Do We Need Reforesting Programs?

The planet isn’t in great shape. We’re releasing too much CO2 into the atmosphere, and our natural carbon sinks — our forests, our ocean, and soil — can’t absorb it quickly enough. To combat climate change, we know that large corporations must stop mining and burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. 

But, we also need to focus on restoration. As we stop burning fossil fuels and transition to a zero-carbon economy, we need to actively restore the health of our natural carbon sinks — like forests! 

According to Reforest, “Trees are nature’s solution to climate change. They absorb CO2 as they grow. You can see them, touch them and watch them grow. They clean the air, filter the water, replenish the soil and even stimulate rainfall”.

Southern Brush Tailed Rock WallabySouthern Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby

Reforest Project | Widgewah Conservation Sanctuary

We’d love to shine a light on Reforest’s launch project, the Widgewah Conservation Sanctuary! Located an hour or two north of Melbourne, this property was cleared for grazing decades ago. This land was once home to around 30 native tree species and 5 different ecological/vegetation classes.

That’s why through Reforest, this area will be restored to its former, native state. Native vegetation will provide a home to the critically-threatened Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby (plus a number of other unique species) and absorb more than 55,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

“This project is an example of what we want to see all around the country — reforestation projects that are restoring biodiversity as well as sequestering carbon,” said Daniel.

We love the idea and the mission behind the Reforest app! By focusing on restorative projects, like native tree-planting, we can support healthy biodiversity and start to reverse the damage we’ve inflicted upon our climate. If you’re interested in signing up to Reforest and supporting projects like the Widgewah Conservation Sanctuary, please head to Reforest to download on the  App Store and Google Play.

Did you know that here at Flora & Fauna, we proudly offset 100% of our carbon emissions? We work with Greenfleet to plant forests and restore native Aussie wildlife — check out this page for more information!

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