Refillable Makeup Brands That Are Prettying Up Our Planet

Jul 08, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Refillable….say no more.⁣  We're giving you the low down on our favourite Refillable Makeup brands here at F&F and why they should be part of your everyday beauty routine. 

Elate Cosmetics Refillable & Sustainable MakeupElate Cosmetics Refillable & Sustainable Makeup

Why Choose Refillable Makeup?

Each year, the beauty industry contributes to 120 billion units of plastic waste — they are one of the biggest offenders! Refillable Makeup however, is changing the game and providing a path to a greener future. We for one, couldn't be more thrilled!

Did you know that buying refillable makeup can save 70% in greenhouse gas emissions, 65% in energy, and 45% in water use? How amazing is that? It's so much better for your pockets too.

As consumers, it's up to us to take responsibility of being mindful and generating as little waste as possible. That's why were so thankful that brands like Elate Cosmetics, Ere Perez and Eco Minerals exist!

Elate Bamboo Capsule PaletteElate Bamboo Capsule Palette

Image: Elate Cosmetics

Elate Cosmetics

Elate Cosmetics is a Canadian vegan beauty brand committed to the best vegan ingredients, sustainable products and our beautiful environment with their refillable makeup range. Their packaging mainly consists of glass and bamboo.

We love that you can create your own capsules using their bamboo palettes. Carry your Pressed Eye Colours, Pressed Blush and Pressed Powders with sustainable style. The Capsule Palette has a customisable magnetic backing to allow you to design your powder layout and it's small enough to fit in your bag for on-the-go. How's that for minimal waste?

Elate is all for mindful consumption. They encourage you to replenish or replace the old with the new—not before, and never impulsively! Their recycling program has saved 697,000 plastic packages from landfill. An amazing effort!

Ere Perez Rice Powder Blush - Natural & VeganEre Perez Rice Powder Blush - Natural & Vegan

Image: Ere Perez

Ere Perez

Ere Perez creates innovative makeup and skincare for minimal, ethical and healthy beauty. The live on a less is best philosophy, which is why they create refillable products.

Their Natural Vegan Blush and Bronzers come with refill options. To use, simply replace an insert pan into your existing product and save the planet from extra packaging. We love the Rice Powder Blush in Bondi for a sun-kissed look and the Rice Powder Blush in Tokyo for a pop of colour.

As it currently stands, 23% of Ere Perez packaging can be infinitely recycled, whilst 14% of products are zero waste. This includes the Coco Lip Crayon and Jojoba Eye Pencils.

Eco Minerals Flawless Foundation RefillEco Minerals Flawless Foundation Refill

Image: Eco Minerals

Eco Minerals

Eco Minerals is a Byron Bay brand that has been creating beautiful vegan and cruelty-free makeup since 2007. 

Did you know you can refill your Eco Minerals:

These refills come in a plastic-free package, which means you’ve saved a plastic jar from landfill and you can reuse your original, sturdy container time and time again. ⁣How good!

Feel good and look good with our range of Refillable Makeup products. These brands are doing their best at creating a greener future for us to live in. Now it's up to you, to pretty up our planet!

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