P’ure Papaycare Won 9 Awards At The 2021 Bambini Baby Awards

Sep 30, 2021by Olivia - F&F

It’s safe to say that P’ure Papayacare has captured the attention of the expert panel at the Bambini Baby Awards. Let’s take a look at why these 9 Papaya-based products were voted as ‘Best Must-Haves’ for new mums and bubs — plus, we’ll reveal which two P’URE Papayacare products performed the best!

P'ure PapayacareP'ure Papayacare

P’ure Papayacare’s Success At The 2021 Bambini Baby Awards!

Wow! We’re thrilled to see P’ure Papaycare’s success at the 2021 Bambini Baby Awards. The 100% Australian Made & Owned company won Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards across multiple categories for its natural Papaya-based products. 

Here at Flora & Fauna, we’re a proud stockist of P’ure Papayacare’s products — so we know firsthand just how effective and natural they are. P’URE Papayacare creates high-quality skincare products using ingredients that have been purposefully selected for their healing and moisturising benefits, including the iconic Papaya or Paw Paw fruit. 

The Bambini Baby Awards assess natural skincare products for both mum and bub, and each product is rigorously tested by an international team of parents and primary carers. The 2021 Bambini Baby Awards had 22 categories!

P'ure Papayacare Baby BalmP'ure Papayacare Baby Balm

These P’ure Papayacare’s Products Won Gold

Okay, so you’re probably curious to see which 3 P’ure Papayacare products won Gold!  

First up, we have the P’ure Papayacare Baby Moisturising Lotion, which won the Gold Award for the Best Baby Lotion Cream. It hydrates and nourishes bub's delicate skin using nutrient-rich and calming Papaya, Calendula and Chamomile.

Next, we have the P’ure Papayacare Baby Balm, which won the Gold Award for the Best Nipple Cream! After feeds, this fantastic balm can be applied to soothe, calm and moisturise patches of dry, irritated skin.

Lastly, we have the P’ure Papayacare Papaya Renew Cream, which won Gold for the Best Must-Have for New Mums! The non-greasy, light and fast-absorbing consistency promotes skin elasticity — perfect for scarring and stretch marks.

P'ure Papayacare - Papaya Renew Cream P'ure Papayacare - Papaya Renew Cream

These P’ure Papayacare’s Products Won Silver & Bronze

P’ure Papayacare’s success doesn’t stop there — they also picked up 4 Silver Awards and 2 Bronze Awards! 

P’ure Papayacare’s Papaya Head to Toe Baby Wash won the Silver Award for the Best Baby Bubble Bath. This baby wash preserves the oils in the skin's protective layer and leaves the skin feeling soft, healthy, smooth and balanced. Once again, the P’ure Papayacare Baby Balm won the Silver Award for the Best Nappy Cream. P’ure Papayacare’s Papaya Renew Cream won Silver for Mums Best Stretch Mark Product and Mums Best Body Lotion for New Mum. Amazing, right?

P’ure Papayacare Baby Balm was also awarded Bronze in the Best Baby Balm category. Overall, we’re thrilled to see that the Bronze Award for the Best Natural Brand was awarded to P’ure Papayacare!

Papaya Papaya

Benefits Of Papaya For Your Baby’s Skin

So, why is Papaya such a miracle ingredient for new mums and bubs? Well, Papaya, or Paw Paw, contains rejuvenating enzymes to help restore, moisturise and renew the skin. P’URE Papayacare’s fruits are non-GMO and grown organically in tropical parts of Queensland. To concentrate the ingredients and ensure the nutrients are preserved, the entire Papaya fruit is fermented.

Your typical Paw Paw ointment or jelly may contain petroleum, mineral oil and harmful chemicals which aren’t great for you or your baby’s skin. That’s why P’ure Papayacare uses the whole Papaya fruit, including flesh, skin and seeds — plus natural ingredients like Calendula and Chamomile. These ingredients work together to soothe, moisturise and renew you and your baby’s skin without feeling heavy, greasy and or sticky.

P'ure Papayacare Products Natural Baby SkincareP'ure Papayacare Products Natural Baby Skincare

Here Are P’ure Papayacare’s Best-Performing Products! 

Whilst all of P’ure Papayacare’s products are fantastic; it’s clear that there are two overachievers within the bunch of winners! 

P’ure Papayacare’s Baby Balm won Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for the best Nipple Cream, Nappy Cream and Baby Balm. “This product is literally the best product out there for nappy rash and all other dry skin on my baby.” — F&F Product Review by Zebby (9/01/2021).

P’ure Papayacare’s Papaya Renew Cream won Gold and Silver Awards for the Best Must-Have for New Mums, Best Stretch Mark Product and Best Body Lotion. “This cream is my go-to for hands, face, body. It’s super-absorbent without feeling heavy and like you need to apply more product” — F&F Product Review by Larysa (25/07/2021).

A massive congratulations P’ure Papayacare for their success in the Bambini Baby Awards! If you’re a new mum or dad — or you just love fantastic, multipurpose Paw Paw products — make sure you have a browse through our range of P’ure Papayacare products at Flora & Fauna.

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