Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Mar 17, 2023by Gabby - F&F

Stuck wide awake at night? Here are some natural remedies to assist you get a good night's sleep — read along!

Golden Wattle Organic Sleeping Beauty TeaGolden Wattle Organic Sleeping Beauty Tea

Image: Instagram / @goldenwattletea

Sleep Tea

Our first tip for a good night's sleep is to avoid caffeine! Whilst coffee at night time is a big no no, there are also some teas that contain caffeine, so you're going to want to make sure you stay clear of those ones at night too. 

Lucky for you, we have many beautiful teas here at F&F, and some are specifically made to help with sleep. Endota's Sleep Tea is formulated with a blend of soothing chamomile, mood-boosting lemon balm and calming passionflower to calm the senses for a restful sleep. Love Tea's Sleep Pyramid Tea Bags contains lavender, passion flower and valerian. These herbs aid relaxation, help to improve sleep quality and help support the nervous system. 

For a more aesthetic sleep tea, you have to try Golden Wattle's Sleeping Beauty blend. It has a luminescent amber colour and has a slightly bitter and sweet taste. Perfect on its own before bed to help you unwind - it offers many health benefits. For those with sweet tooth's, lay off the sweets before bed and instead opt for this Sleeping Bombshell Hot Chocolate blend. It's all natural ingredients promote deep, restful sleep. The passionflower and rose help to relieve insomnia, anxiety and stress, whilst the reishi improve sleep and support immunity, and antioxidant-rich cacao for radiant skin.

The Base Collective Beauty Sleep SprayThe Base Collective Beauty Sleep Spray

Image: The Base Collective

Sleep Balms & Spray

What if you don't have enough time for a nice relaxing cuppa before bed? Don't worry there's plenty of sleep balms and sprays you can use too. So how do they work? The Base Collective Beauty Sleep Balm works to nourish the skin while relaxing the body and mind for a restful sleep. To use, apply half a teaspoon amount to your hands, then massage into your shoulders, neck or soles of your feet (pop on your bed socks, we promise not to tell!) for a deeply restful sleep. The Base Collective Beauty Sleep Spray works similarly. To use, apply two to three sprays to the stomach or feet 20 minutes before bedtime for a night of deeply restorative sleep. Magnesium also assists with sleep, a quick rub or spray on your feet before bed will do you wonders. 

Another neat trick is Koala Eco Pillow & Linen Spray. A light mist over your pillows and bed linen helps to relieve stress and promote a restful sleep. Another cool idea, is adding a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to a Diffuser. Lavender is known to help you relax, and therefore the notes of that scent helps promote a calming environment for sleep.

Boody Goodnight Sleep Pants - SageBoody Goodnight Sleep Pants - Sage

Image: Boody

Sleep Accessories

As far as sleep accessories go, it's true that a comfy fit will help do the trick. In summer, make sure you are cool enough to avoid tossing and turning throughout the night. Same goes with winter, make sure you have some warm pajamas and socks on, to prevent any teeth chattering and the inability to sleep. When looking for pajamas, you want something that gives you good mobility, something that's soft and nice on the skin — nothing itchy!

Here at F&F, Boody delivers on comfortable basics that have less impact on the environment.

For summer some good lightweight options are: Boody Goodnight Slip Sleep Dress, Boody Goodnight Nightdress & Boody Goodnight Sleep Cami

For winter, try: Boody Goodnight Sleep Pants, Boody Women's Weekend Crew Pullover & Boody Downtime Lounge Pants

Tip: To avoid an early wake up from the sun, a Sleep Mask makes a great investment. In fact sometimes, even the moon light at night, portrays too much light to keep your room full of darkness, so a sleep mask is a really great option.

We hope you enjoy a more peaceful night's sleep with these helpful tips. If there's other natural ways that help you sleep, please make sure to leave us a comment — we'd love to know!

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