Natural Makeup Hacks To Achieve A 'No Makeup' Makeup Look

Jul 15, 2022by Gabby - F&F

More and more recently, people have started to embrace their natural beauty, and why wouldn't they? 'No makeup' makeup looks are becoming increasingly popular around the world. The aim of this technique — is to enhance your features rather than disguise any flaws. We for one, are a huge fan of this!

If you too, want to learn how to achieve a natural look, make sure you keep reading. This blog will take you through the key makeup areas (Face, Cheeks, Eyes and Lips)  and products needed to achieve and compliment your skin best! If you're new to wearing makeup, we highly recommend this as a starting point too!

Eye of Horus Skin Tint Serum FoundationEye of Horus Skin Tint Serum Foundation

Image: Eye Of Horus

Face | Foundation

A foundation is important for your makeup routine, it's in its name. But that doesn't mean it has to take over your whole look. In fact, we have two secret hacks we use on our face — they aren't even foundation. The first is Sunbutter's Tinted Sunscreen. If you have olive skin, we find this works a treat. The tint can be blended into your skin, giving you that tanned looking glow, all whilst keeping sun safe. The other is a Face Water Tan or Mist. These gradual tanners give your face a nice golden glow, to really bring out that natural factor! 

Not quite foundation, is our BB Creams & Tinted Moisturisers. These are great for giving your skin a break from full coverage makeup whilst still ensuring an even skin tone. Alternatively you can opt for Foundations with low coverage vs. medium-full. We love Eye Of Horus Skin Tint Serum Foundation.

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Blush Pot HealthyEre Perez Carrot Colour Blush Pot Healthy

Image: @sydneyveganguide

Cheeks | Contour, Blush & Highlighter

These next makeup hacks can be applied on top of the natural foundation look you chose above, or you can create the look without it. 

You know how we talked about highlighting your features? Contour does just that. Add and blend a bit just below your cheek bones to have them stand out. You can also apply to the top of your forehead for a sun-kissed look. To give you that warm, flushed look, try Blush! Apply on the cheekbone to enhance your features and make you look more alive. 

As for highlighter, well who doesn't want a little glow factor? We have some gorgeous Face Highlighters to choose from. They are builadable, so apply a small amount for a subtle glow! 

Eye of Horus BIO Vegan Lifting Mascara Black Eye of Horus BIO Vegan Lifting Mascara Black

Image: Eye Of Horus

Eyes | Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil & Eyeliner

Make everyone fall in love with your eyes, using either one, two or three of these natural makeup hacks! Again, you don't need to follow the steps above for this one to stand out either. 

A bold and voluminous lash, really emphaises your eye features. Try Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara for volume and length. As for your eyebrows, you'd be surprised how good they look when kept neat and tidy. Then, simply pencil in a bit of colour. Choose an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair colour. We love Eye Of Horus Brow Define Pencil.

Now, you can introduce an eyeliner, but don't think of a bold eyeliner flick. Instead, you can create a more subtle emphasis by firstly using a Brown Eyeliner and adding it to the top of your waterline. No where else. When the mascara is added, it produces really nice eye definition. 

Eye of Horus BIO Lipstick - Artemis NudeEye of Horus BIO Lipstick - Artemis Nude

Image: Eye Of Horus

Lips | Lip Gloss, Lipstick & Lip Balm 

Don't forget to give your lips some love too.

A good Lip Balm is enough to portray a glossy look without it being too formal. Plus, they moisturise your lips and prevent dryness. A must-have in our opinion. Of course, you can actually use a Lip Gloss too. The trick here is not putting a lipstick underneath. Just have your natural lip colour emplified by a clear lip gloss. We love Ere Perez Mango Lip Gloss Glaze.

You don't have to rule out Lipsticks entirely, but we do suggest, choosing a Nude Lip Colour to maintain the 'natural' look.

When it comes to makeup...sometimes less is more! Whilst a glam look is all well and good, it's not always practical for day-day life. A quick makeup routine that makes you look natural and highlights all your gorgeous features is something you can always turn back to! Bonus is, you'll use fewer products, take less time and don't have to worry about learning any complex techniques!

We hope you enjoyed learning about some different makeup products that you can implement in your beauty routine, for a more natural, subtle, yet glowing overall look! Shop our entire Makeup range here.

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