More About Lactic Acid and its Benefits

Mar 17, 2018by F&F

The Divine Woman Salon Grade skincare range contains high active ingredients clinically proven to minimize ageing. We discover more about Lactic Acid, a vegan, fruit derived, acid that can help with scars, lines, wrinkles and acne.


Lactic Acid is a familiar ingredient in beauty products, particularly natural beauty products, as it is multi-use and can benefit the skin in many ways. It is gentler than most other Actives and so, with the right strength, can be used as a moisturising agent, exfoliant or peel treatment. 

Many people think about lactic acid being used as an exfoliant and it is, in higher concentrations. It can stimulate cell turnover, reduce pigmentation and brighten your skin. It really helps to slough away dead skin cells. 

In lower concentrations it is often used in moisturisers; it is an excellent nourishing agent  and helps to reduce the loss of water from the skin through the increased production of oils and fats in the skin. This hydrates the skin cells keeping the skin supple. 

Lactic acid is also known to improve skin texture, reduce scarring and control oiliness so is often used by those with acne.

Divine's Lactic Gel Cleanser is absolutely lovely and a really clean product to use. It is certified organic and leaves a fresh feel to your skin. The longer you leave this incredible cleanser on your skin, the more it will act like a gentle peel exfoliating and removing old skin cells and the more it will activate cellular renewal.

The Gel Cleanser can be used as part of a skin care routine including products such as the Gel Serum, Rose Toner and Day Cream. Shop Divine


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